Modern Furniture Package for 3 Bedroom Flat for Rs. 650,000

Modern Furniture Package for 3 Bedroom Flat for Rs. 650,000

Urban Homez brings to you quality wooden furniture for your apartment. Now furnish your 3 bedroom apartment with modern furniture, modular kitchen and wardrobes for only Rs. 650,000. Individual furniture pieces and custom made furniture is also available.

Bedroom Furniture Set – Bilancio

Bedroom Furniture Set – Bilancio

Urban Homez brings to you Modern Design Bedroom Furniture Set for a Stylish Bedroom starting from Rs. 65,000 per bedroom.

Modular Kitchen and Wardrobes Package for 3BHK for Rs. 215,000

Modular Kitchen and Wardrobes Package for 3BHK for Rs. 215,000

Urban Homez brings to you quality wooden modular kitchen and wardrobes for your apartment. Now furnish your 3 bedroom apartment with modular kitchen and wardrobes for only Rs. 215,000. Call us at 9599054159 or drop a request for call back.

Bedroom Furniture Set – Casa

Bedroom Furniture Set – Casa

Urban Homez brings to you Modern Design Bedroom Furniture for a Stylish Bedroom starting from Rs. 87,000 per bedroom.

Living Room Furniture Set – Bilancio

Living Room Furniture Set – Bilancio

Urban Homez brings to you multiple options of Modern Design Living Room Furniture Packages starting from Rs. 148,000 per Living Room

There is nothing that can completely replace the classic appeal of wooden home furniture even though you will find no dearth of furniture choices available in the market presently in other materials

The warm and cozy ambiance exuded by wooden home furniture cannot be matched by other furniture varieties. The best part about wooden home furniture is that you can use them for both your indoor and outdoor needs. In addition, the presence and aroma of wood creates a stimulating atmosphere for the people around. In fact, this is primarily the reason why commercial hubs like spas and resorts mostly furnish their places with wood materials. You can bring in the same soothing effect at your own place.

In wood furniture too you can find an overwhelming variety and break the monotony by creating different impressions in your home. You can take your pick from several options – oak, teak, mahogany, and others based on your preference as to whether you want a traditional or modern appeal or a classic or antique feel for your home. On top of it, wooden home furniture is comparatively easier to design in different patterns and styles. Whereas the antique or traditional wood home furniture reveals more curves, including flower like patterns and intricate details; in contemporary home furniture you will find subtle and sleek patterns. Besides, since the introduction of minimalist concept, understated designs have really caught the attention of people and are much in vogue.

So do not undermine the importance of furniture in our homes as it makes the space livelier and more inviting. Make a careful selection as it is a one-time investment and mirror’s your personality and taste for living. And, if you too are looking for home furniture options in wood, then here’s a complete guide for you. Read on to know more

Cultured Furniture

Cultured home furniture has brought foreign influence into our homes mainly because of the fact that it lends a tasteful and uncluttered feel to the place. You can pick elaborate upholstery and pair it with wooden carpentry.

Environment-friendly furniture

Keeping in mind the vulnerability of our mother earth, your choice of home furniture type will clearly reflect your attitude towards the planet and efforts in sustaining the environment. Wooden home furniture creates a timeless appeal and homogeneous feel of being one with the nature.  So try to pick such home furniture items that are crafted from recycled timber or a sustainable source.

Light-Toned Wood Furnishing

Light toned woods are making a great statement in the furniture bazaar these days and you can easily find home furniture of such wood nearly in every household. One premium quality, light-toned wood is oak which is also extremely durable being greatly used to craft high-end furniture products. Then there are other varieties too, such as high-style mahogany or country pine, mission-style oak, etc. with which it is possible to create a nice backdrop at your home. While furnishing your home also keep in mind the color that will go with your wood furniture. It is advisable to choose a color to complement and enhance the beauty of your wooden home furniture.

Dining Tables to make a Statement

Wooden dining tables add substance to a room and make it look impressive. On the top of it, if you are a fine dining enthusiast then might as well think of building such ambiance in your home. Start with a conspicuous dining table made of light wood tone, contrasted with fine white chairs to give the space a complete transforming look.

There is no denying the fact that wooden home furniture carries sober and elegant look which looks captivating to the eyes. From traditional to contemporary, wooden dining tables come in an overwhelming variety. Whilst furniture with traditional wood designs help in recreating an old world charm; contemporary designs create a unique, imposing look within the space. In case you are perplexed between various choices, let us help you out! One ideal choice could be a contemporary blend of bold and rustic natural wood dining table with an apparently weighty look to create an imposing look in our homes. Another possible option could be a rustic; round wooden table having subtle yet intricate carvings around the edge to grace the entire dining room.

Multi-Functional Home Furniture

It has been observed that multi-functional home furniture is very much in trend for some years now and is making a great statement in almost everyone’s home. This type of home furniture may not go well with the taste of all as it is minimalist in design, but best serves the practical needs of all. One such type of furniture is of course beds which, if need be, can be transformed into chairs or work desks having hidden storage. For a compact space, this is something that you must include in your buying list.

Outdoor Furniture for Indoor Purpose

In fact, you can bring in those deck chairs from your patios or garden and furnish your living room space. These days more and more outdoor furniture is being used indoors, but with a touch of sophistication. The trendy options in this are glass, metals, natural wood and wicker, to name a few. You can pick either of the options and give a refreshing feel to the interiors instead of going for the typical indoor home furniture every time.

The reason why this style of outdoor indoor home furniture is gaining trend is because the outdoors and indoors are now being looked at as one seamless unit. Besides, it saves your expenses too as spending much on traditional upholstery is not a wise decision as these can get spoiled over a period of time with regular use. Outdoor cushions, on the other hand, are easy to maintain without having to spend much on them.

Since there is a lot that you can buy in wood furniture, let us take a close look at what all wood choices are available for meeting our various home care needs:

Oak Wood Furniture, which lends an eternal charm

Much like cherry wood, oak is quite a popular hardwood used to design home furniture. This Red Oak has a red or pink hue whereas White Oak looks greener, despite the fact that both wood types take on different shades of stain quite well. The Oak wood is costlier than other wood types owing to its enduring beauty and strength. The lovely open wood grain in oak gets easily mixed with the other furniture types in your home.      

Cherry Wood Furniture with an ooze of Old World Splendor     

Cherry wood happens to be a hardwood material, i.e. durable and built to last longer. The best part about cherry wood is that it doesn’t lose its appeal and look the same as it appeared probably a century ago. Cherry stains as well as wood for home furniture is believed to wear a warm red tinge. You can even mix and match the styles of cherry furnishings with other type of wood furniture having varying finishes. Cherry wood often goes well with most wood types and other home furniture pieces as well as decor items. Interestingly, cherry wood gets darker with the passage of time and appears rich brown and red in shade. It is one of the most precious native woods, which is better than most other hardwoods.   

Maple having a high quality standard

Maple is yet another hardwood known for its long lasting nature and heavier in comparison with other woods. However, it is more often than not used in the making of bedroom furniture because of its high durability. Other advantages that you get with Maple wood is that it is moisture resistant and wears a natural pale color, such as birch woods and ash so much so that it can easily take on the paint colors, stain or finishes.

Pine Wood may not suit every application

Pine falls into the category of soft wood and is therefore not much durable in comparison to oak or maple. However, since the home furniture made of pine wood is lightweight in nature you can easily lift and move them whenever required. Pine wood home furniture is cost friendly, but shows sign of wear and tear after a regular use. Before painting the furniture, it is important to first use a primer or a sealant if you wish to apply stain in order to gain a more even finish. What makes Pine wood furniture a much sought after option is its economical and light weight nature.

It goes without saying that a home looks complete only when it has well furnished rooms and all amenities combined to meet our daily needs. What adds more joy to our daily lives is the comfort of wooden home furniture, its style and elegance that add glamour quotient to our homes. Hence, it is very important to take a thoughtful decision while buying wooden home furniture because an offbeat selection can prove to be a misfit amidst the interiors and mess up the whole look.





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