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  • House Painting Services–3BHK(Small)–New-paint-Asian Paints Tractor Emulsion Delhi-NCR


     Scope Of Work:

    Painting services (for painting of walls & ceiling) with material for a 3BHK Apartment in Delhi-NCR comprising of painting one living room, three bedrooms, two/three toilets, and one kitchen. The work would comprise of the following activities:

    • Painting the ceiling.
    • Painting the walls.
    • Finish: Roller finish on the wall. In case the customer wants brush finish then the rate will reduce by Rs.1.0 per sq. ft. for the area of the walls.
    • Taping / Covering of furniture, chaukhat, etc. Cost of polythene, masking tape, etc required for the same is included in the package.
    • After painting cleanup of the paint area is included.



    3 BHK – (1500 sq ft covered area) – 5000 sq ft paintable area (including walls + ceiling). In case the paintable area is more than 5000 sq feet, then the painting charges for the extra area shall be at the rate of Rs.14 per sq ft.


    Painting Process That Will Be Followed – New Painting Work:

    • Checking for hollow plaster and dampness (in case of hollow plaster or dampness, painting job will not be taken without rectifying the same. Charges for treatment and rectification shall be extra).
    • Filling of minor cracks or unevenness in walls with putty or POP.
    • A coat of primer will be applied on the wall.
    • Applying 3 coats of paint.
    • Sealed buckets of paint will be opened by the painter in front of the customer to ensure genuineness of the quality & brand of the paint being used.


    Paint Used:

    Tractor Emulsion is up-gradation of distemper. It provides the finish of plastic paint, at a near cost of distemper. It gives 1.5 times more coverage from distemper. It lasts for at least 3 - 4 years. Tractor Emulsion offers your walls a smooth finish, making it the perfect value for money paint. Tractor Emulsion offers a wide range of shades.


    Payment Terms:

    In case the value of the order is less than Rs. 50,000, the customer will pay 100% of the amount in advance to Urban Homez, which will be held by it under 'UrbanHomez-Secure Pay'.

    In case the value of the order is more than Rs. 50,000, then the customer will pay Rs. 50,000 or 50% of the value of the order, whichever is higher, in advance and the balance amount of the order once the base has been prepared and before the paint has been applied or once 50% of the work has been completed, whichever is earlier.



    18 months warranty shall be provided by the painting contractor against any defect in application of paint, peeling of paint and fading of paint. There shall be no warranty in case the paint work is spoiled due to dampness, termite, dirt and stains.


    Rates For Optional Items:

    1 Paints & Polish - Wood & Metal Surface

    a. Enamel Paint - wood & steel 15
    b. Spirit Polish - wood 45
    c. Lacquer Polish - wood 50
    d. Melamine Polish - wood 80
    2 Texture Paint  
    a. Royal Play - non metallic 50
    b. Royal Play - metallic 60
    3 Exterior Paints  
    a. Asian Paints Ace Exterior Paint 15
    b. Asian Paints Apex Exterior Paints 20
    c. Asian Paints Apex Ultima Exterior Paints 23
    d. Texture Paint (rustic) - Ace 35
    e. Texture Paint (rustic) - Apex 40
    f. Texture Paint (rustic) - Ultima 45


    Urban Homez's Value Proposition For The Customer:

    • Painting by verified painting contractors with 15 to 20 years of track record of providing painting services in Delhi-NCR.
    • Transparency about the painting rates, painting process and brand & quality of the paint that shall be used.
    • ‘UrbanHomez-Secure Pay’ - Urban Homez will collect the payment from you (customer) and will release the payment to the painting contractor only after completion of the painting project to your satisfaction, thereby providing you peace of mind. No more being at the mercy of the painting contractor.



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