What Goes Into the Making of a Sofa

A gorgeous sofa set is the pride of every living room! It forms a comfortable place to watch TV, entertain guests or lounge around! The perfect sofa should fit into your space, be comfortable and durable (especially with kids/pets around)! Before you purchase, let’s attempt to understand what really goes into the making of a sofa. Read on for the manufacturing process.






The Making of a Sofa

A sofa design begins with a sketch. The height, weight, length and other details related to the structure are planned out. Detailed drawings are important so that your furniture manufacturer gives an accurate representation of the proportions and the materials.


The basics of the sofa begin with a strong frame. Wood used for the frame is modeled according to the sofa design. If the design is sleek and contemporary, the thickness of the frame would be quite less as compared to a wooden frame of large antique sofas. This is also dependent upon the leg design (tapered, turned or straight). Screws (rust-free) are used in the corners or sometimes, the frames are stapled.

Next is the task of using coil springs. These are stretched over the frame and are available in different shapes and sizes. Some sofa manufacturers may add a jute cover over it which is further covered with fabric. This forms the foundation.


With the springy coils in place, then comes the foam. Another fabric is placed over the foam which rests on the wooden frame. At this point, a manufacturer may model the foam according to design such as creating cushioned edges or larger, comfy arm rests. This is an important stage for the creation of a comfortable sofa.

Next is the fabric selection. Choosing upholstery fabric and cushions can be your choice entirely! Plaids, florals, leather…all these are easily available in the market. The skill lies in the stitching process that lends a finishing touch to the sofa. Post the sofa manufacturing process, the furniture goes through strict quality inspection before being available for sale.

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by Kapil Agarwal

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