Vital Questions your Interior Designer should ask you

Whether you want to decorate or design your new home or transform the existing one into a living heaven, you might want to look out for an interior designer as they are professionals with intricate knowledge about interior designing. They are well aware about the facts that we would otherwise give a miss. Hence it is very crucial to find the right interior designer for decorating or redecorating your house. Now the question that immediately comes into mind is how you will check whether you have hired the correct interior designer or not? The answer to this question lies in the fundamental questions that your interior designer should ask you. Let us take a quick look over those questions.


1. How are you planning to use this space? Will it be a high traffic or a low traffic area?

A designer should know whether a particular space will be used for activity, reading or relaxing purpose. Whether the space would be restricted to few people of the house or there would be hustle and bustle all day long. 

2. What do you dislike or like about this space and what kind of look and feel do you want to have in this area or space?

Your input would give the designer an idea about your personal taste and inspires him or her about the kind of fabrics, paint colours and textiles he/she can use to set the right tone of the place.

3. How would you like your space to be illuminated?

A good designer must ask this question in order to figure out the lighting requirements of that space.

4. Do you want to go for any colour, theme or style?

The answer to this question will give designer the knowledge about your vision and expectation for a particular space.

5. Will you need any special noise reduction or sound enhancement elements integrated in the design?

Acoustic of a particular space should be kept in consideration by the designer. For example, TV room or the study room where you would like to spend some quite time.

6. What is your total budget?

To create a dream home within your budget could be a challenge which a good designer should be able to achieve.

For successful completion of the project and satisfactory results these questions will help you avoid costly mistakes and establish a healthy connection between you and the designer.

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