Understanding Types of Wall Paints and Finishes

When it comes to home interior design, selecting the wall paint holds utmost importance. Since it’s your dream home, the foundation of enhancing the interiors would lie in the selection of wall paints and finishes. You need a durable paint that weathers all storms and suits the interiors’theme. Let’s take a quick look at the different types of paints available and their finishes.

Types of Wall Paints





Durable and used on walls or wooden cabinets, the best part about enamel paints is that they are washable and hard.


These solvent-based paints can be used for interiors and exteriors. They are also washable and can be applied with ease on concrete surfaces. Look for superior qualities for a better finish.


Those on a tight budget can opt for this type of painting services. They are preferred for their durability and the varieties available.

Texture Paints:


These are used to create amazing wall textures and visual effects.

Apart from these, primers and putties (used before painting) can be used for added coating, durability, and smooth leveling. 

Types of Wall Paint Finishes


Once the paint dries up, there’s a thin covering on it. This appearance depends upon the selected paint finish. Understanding paint finish is important for the desired result.

Matte: Devoid of shine, this is easy to apply and useful to hide cracks in the interior walls. Matte finish may require touch-ups in between. Look for a matte enamel if want something more durable.

Satin: Use it to get a smooth appearance on the walls. This velvet finish is suitable for walls that require frequent cleaning.

Eggshell:Requires a single coat application. This finish includes a slight hint of shine and is handy to hide those unwanted cracks in the wall!

Semi-Gloss and Gloss: Semi-gloss is easy to clean, gives a refined shine and can be used on areas such as doors or wall cabinets. Glossy paints have a high-shine finish and attract attention with the reflection of light. This finish is preferred for modern interiors to add a touch of drama.

Always opt for a reputed paint manufacturer for best results!


by Kapil Agarwal

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