Trends in Bathrooms

Bathrooms have become an entity. Lot of care is going into Designing & Decorating a Bathroom.

Right choice of Colors, Brands, feel of Space, Style all together define this Area. 

As we can see in this Visual Image the design has set the mood for this Ambience. The Charm visualizations of this  trendy Bathroom brings about a Clean, yet Rich tone.





Double Sinks, Oval Bathtub, Elegant tiny Tiles all in a Single Solid Color all over, on the Walls & the Floors.

The  pinkish shades, the lovely flower vase, gorgeous mirrors and those fantabulous tiling’s and the cabinets are really out of the box experiments for an area such as the Bathroom. The metallic lustre on the accessories enhances its look and makes it more enchanting.

Such accessories can be used in Salons, Offices or even Corporate places. It will give a luxurious look to your bathrooms and make you feel proud of it.















A storage Area was demolished to make room for this sleek Powder Room. Steel Gray & White Textured Tiles on the Walls & Floor, Silver Chip Tiles in the Niche & Stark White & Stainless Steel Fittings are the highlights. Stylish Lightings add so much character to this Section. Snazzy Wall Painting, Plant & Magazines appropriately accessorize this Powder Room. Any space can be turned around, with some time, effort & Creativity.



 by Kapil Agarwal

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