Top 12 Home Decor trends of 2018

When it comes to interior decoration, the year of 2017 was everything from Scandinavian- inspired innards to entwined wall hangings.  But 2018 is going to be the year of boundary-pushing for the interiors. Peculiar textures, stupefying colors and unusual prints are going to describe the upcoming year. 


As per the top interior designers in delhi, if you are refurbishing or building a new house, then watch out for the following trends to include. These trends are inspiring, chic and fortunately do not require a complete overhaul of the room.


Organic Prints and Patterns



More emphasis would be laid on organic forms rather than block prints or laser print patterns this year. The term ‘organic’ in interior designing has nothing to do with the viable methods of farming. Organic pattern depicts that instead of checks, circles, straight lines or any other geometrical pattern, it utilizes scrolls, leaves, vines, flowers, curves and other patterns having curvilinear features. 



Gone are the unadorned, super clean and plain rooms of the former years. Countering the minimalism, these days the interiors are seen with ever more maximalism. Maximalist homes are daring and dramatic. They offer an amazing eye treat and convey the inhabitant’s personality. For applying maximalism in home decor, the interiors can be played with colors, every space needs to be filled, textures can be combined and there need to be a clash of patterns.



Go Green

Expect to see this shade popping up across the spectrum of design in the rooms this year. It is rich, organic and lively. You will see the shade of green in small doses, like in objects and accessories and in large pieces of upholstery also. The color will be huge in the upcoming year and will have a dramatic impact on everything from chartreuse to emerald. If the idea of giant use of the color does not entice you, then you can use green in a minimalist form.


Ceramics Accents



Ceramic accents provide a smooth home makeover by refreshing the house interiors. They provide an artisanal and raw look finish to home décor. Ceramics can be used in collections of wall hangings, pots, light fixtures, lamps and various other decorative elements. These are earthy and are highly on trend nowadays. Usage of ceramics, add up to a soft and beachy feel to the homes without breaking the bank balance.


Raw Wood

The unfinished wood is paving its way in the modish interiors in the form of walls, ceilings, furniture and cabinetry of modular Kitchen. This unrefined material adds a chic factor to all spaces while allowing for more streamlined and colorful items to stick out. Right now everything is about crude textures in place of mega shiny and finished looks. If the idea of casing the cabinets and walls in plywood seems to be intimidating, then you might consider adding furniture of plywood to the space like unfinished wood stool, backdrops and wall shelves.


Jewel Tones


From upholstery to paints, jewel tones are a fad these days. They provide a touch of glory to the interiors and a 24 carat panache look to the room. Jewel tone decors are bold and saturated pieces which add up a feel of pop of colors in the house. Deeper jewel tones like pastel colors, amethyst or emerald green which are based upon nature are voguish. For adding jewel tones to the interiors, one can make use of art prints, poufs, floor mats, tea-light holders, vases, glass jug pendants and various others. 


Mixed Paradigms

Top designers propose that mix and match of distinct patterns in living spaces will be huge this year. Patterns make a room pop, but it must be made sure that the patterns are used in the right way. There must be a balance of scale, blending of similar patterns and avoidance of over coordinating to obtain the best outcome. Also avoid small, too many and tight patterns which might end up making the place an eyesore for the visitors.



Terrariums would be amongst the most prevalent garden trends of the coming year. They perfectly complement any room in a house and also are inexpensive and easy-peasy to maintain. Terrariums are perfect for the ones who fancy for a house having beautiful plants inside but lack time for their maintenance. Terrariums come with too many variations and styles while you can place them, hang them, fill them or paint them as per your aspiration. 



Besides being an adorning material for furniture, cork also has a durablenature. Cork in home decor, can be used to pop up the spaces by way of flooring, walls, arts and cork boards. The most voguish among them are the cork walls which are not only optically compelling picks but are also amazing as they can be used to affixthe to-do’s and block out sound. Corks can be used in every corner of the house giving it a statement look.


Terracotta Tiles


Gone is the period of over-the-top and layered interior designing of homes, a virgin view is in. Terracotta tiles provide an earthy and matte look to the place which gives a chic and contemporary look to even ordinary spaces. Even the left over tiles, when combined with these earthy materials and tones give a fresh feel to the home. Apart from tiles, terracotta also looks cool in pots and wall colors. These warm and classic tiles are framing a huge splash in the world of decor.


Warm Velvet

The velvet trend is certainly the most favorite of the top interior designers. Its regal style, punctuating power luxurious texture and an incredible versatility makes it the rising rage of the year. A statement couch, curtains, vanity, upholstered headboards of beds, blankets, cushions and innumerous others items can be used with velvet as its pivotal fabric. 


Fleecy Furniture



Might be its cozy and ultra soft factor or the pop of exquisite interest, the furry furniture is rebounding back and is likely to become a major trend in the coming year. Adding a bit of fluff and fur in any piece of furniture might make it look attractive, yet a wacky and fun product. From fuzzy side tables to fluffy loungers, these pieces surely add a catholic and playful aspect to any space. 


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