Tips To Create The Layered Curtain Look

Multi-layer draperies or curtains are a great way to add a special touch to your windows. Besides the aesthetic appeal, combining different layers for your curtains has many benefits, including light filtering, additional privacy and even energy efficiency in the colder months. We bring you a few tips to help you create the perfect layered curtain look in your home.

To create a layered curtain you essentially need a double-rod with a lower panel rod for the base curtain and an outer rod that holds the more prominent curtain. The outer rod is installed over the lower-profile rod.

You can then start by using a plain color as your base curtain. This could be sheer or lace fabrics depending on the look you wish to create. You can also use panels or mat shades as a base to your layering. You can then move to selecting a pattern or color for your solid curtain panel. 
Experts suggest that the classic way to arrange a sheer panel and a solid panel is to let the sheer panel hang in soft folds, and sweep the solid curtain to one side. Another option is to let the sheer curtain fall straight and gather the solid curtain at the center with a tie.

When selecting the layers for the curtains, always keep the look you wish to achieve in your mind. For a vibrant, summery look you can opt for thin, wispy sheers and solids and for a warm cozy feel, you can opt for thinker fabrics with lots of textures and colors. 

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