Tips for Planning Living Room Sofas

Living room is a space that is filled with activity almost the whole time. Living rooms attract visitors more than anything else and also determine your entire style of decoration. Besides, this is the space where the entire family comes together to relax and interact mostly at the day’s end, or to watch television together. All these reasons being the contributing factor, living rooms need to look gorgeous and be comfortable at the same time. Thus, this is the most carefully and passionately designed space while decorating the interiors. Sofas are an integral part of living rooms, and in some cases the major part that gives an identity to the room. Hence there is a good amount of attention to be devoted to the choice and maintenance of this part of furniture.

If you are creative person, you can get a customized sofa instead of buying one. This way you can impart any kind of feel on the sofa, be it quirky, informal, etc. You might like to customize a modular sofa according to your requirements and tastes. A unique style is to get lights installed on the sofa in a position that lets you read in the dark.

Comfort has almost become an integral element of sofas. For a comfortable sofa that is high on softness level, you can buy one with foam of high resilience capacity that along with giving good support to your body is quick at regaining shape after you leave the sofa. Sofas with deep seats that one can sink into are another extremely comfortable type. A different way of achieving comfort is to buy a sofa set that can be converted into a bed when you want. Curling up on the sofa is something that everybody loves to do. For that purpose, it is advisable to have armrests that are slightly higher.

Sofas come in varying shapes, sizes, styles, and arrangements. Looking at arrangements and shapes, an L-shaped sofa is perfect for utilizing the corner space and to have a cozy corner in which you can cuddle up whenever you want. The U-shaped arrangement of sofas and chairs is also a popular option. One of the ways of arranging sofas in the living room is to place two matching sofas so that they face each other, which allows for a better conversation. When your fireplace is the focal point of your living room, you should place the seating on each side of it. 

A long sofa should be arranged taking care that it does not give the impression of a waiting room. An ingenious shape that has come up in one of the designs is a crescent-looking shape and is called the Croissant Sofa. The arrangement of a living room sofa need not always be against a wall; in some cases a sofa instead looks better in the middle of the room, most often it does not have a back. One thing that you might like to do if you have an open layout is to make your sofa face away from the dining area, so as to separate the conversation space.

The size of the sofa can be determined according to multiple factors. For instance, you can choose an oversized curved sofa if you frequently entertain people, so as to seat a large number of people. A large sofa can also be found in the case of a geometric design, which can also instil a functional quality in it. It is not good to install small sized furniture in a small space, as it aggravates the feeling of being in a limited space. Hence, one of the ideas could be to introduce a sectional sofa if your living room is small in size, as it would contribute in defining the space. 

When it comes to styles for the sofa, there are a number of options, some examples of which are:

• A plump sofa is a good addition if you want an informal aura. 

• Linen sofas look great in a room that has white as the predominant colour.

• Another attractive design is a sofa having fringed edges. 

• Sofas also come with adjustable backrests.

• If you wish to make your living room a warm and inviting space, then you can choose a large sofa that is able to become the focal point of your room

• A sectional sofa is always useful as you can keep re-arranging its parts so as to not get bored.

• An inviting and relaxed ambience can be achieved quite efficiently with Bridgewater sofas that are mostly skirted. They have high backs with plush and lose cushions that make it very comfortable.

• A quite innovative design is the ‘Feel Seating System’, which consists of 120 sofa balls that are covered with elastic fabric. The molecular structure inspired design can be arranged to form different shapes, and so you can have fun with it along with relaxation.
• The sofa can also be chosen according to the wallpaper of the wall against which you plan to place it. 

• For animal loving people, there are sofas that come in animal shapes and patterns.

• The theme of the room often matters while choosing the seating, for example you need to choose accordingly if you have a traditional styled living room. Some designs for the traditional purpose can be a neoclassical sofa inspired by the 18th century, a Club Sofa which is a classic English sofa, a Camelback sofa that can be placed in multiple kinds of surroundings such as modern and cottage, a sofa with visible short legs and gorgeous wood detail, Chesterfield sofa from the late 19th century that has leather upholstery, etc.

• Another very creative style that has recently come up is a sofa that lights up to brighten up a dark room.

• For those wishing for a modern, minimalist, contemporary design, an armless sofa can be one of the alternatives. 

• Traditional sofas can also be adapted to suit contemporary interiors by altering their designs to a certain extent, giving them a modern touch.

• One of the exclusively designed styles is a sofa that comprises of bricks that were used in building children’s games. You can build your own sofa out of these bricks.

• The size of your living room should definitely be taken into account while choosing a sofa. Hence, for example, you can buy a sofa with exposed legs and clean lines for an airy look that can be given to your small room.

Extra high legs also contribute in easy cleaning, since you will be able to vacuum under the sofa without trouble; however, it is not a necessary element.

• Leather sofas are a universal style that has its own natural beauty.

An important part of organizing the sofa is the sofa cover, which should preferably be removable and if possible, then machine-washable too. This would make the cleaning of the cover very easy. Sofa covers can be of various kinds, such as patterned covers that look extremely beautiful. Patterns can be floral, random designs encompassing a large number of colours, etc. For a feminine grace, you might like to choose floral-patterned covers in soft colours that have a toned-down aura. Many people like to install plain covers without any patterns. In such a case, the colour should be very thoroughly chosen keeping in mind various factors. Thus, you can choose a dark colour if you like something that would hide the everyday dirt and if it goes well with the rest of the decor. Or else, you might like to pick colours that are complementary to that of your coffee-table and of your sofa throw pillows. If you want your sofa to be the focal point of the living room, one of the choices can be Patchwork covers. 

The pillows on the sofa are also in many cases quite significant. The following are a few suggestions for decorating the sofa with pillows:

• If you want some colour, you can use citrus shades of pillows with a pink sofa. 

• In order to allow yourself abundant kinds of pillow-combinations, you might like to go for a neutral sofa, especially one that is white in colour. 
• If you want fuchsia or lime-coloured pillows, choose a tranquil colour for your sofa such as sky blue. 

• If you want to focus on the backdrop of the sofa rather than your sofa being the focal point, and yet want some flair on your sofa, you can go for black and white patterned pillows to place on a white sofa. 

• If you like bright colours, you might like pillows of multiple shades of blue on a bold yellow sofa.

• If your room is dominated by white, then you can place statement-making pillows on the white sofa that are of a bright colour, such as purple.  

• Plum-coloured pillows look great on a lavender sofa.

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