Three Common Bathroom Lighting Mistakes That All of Us Make

The bathroom is perhaps the one room in our house, where we pay the least attention to lighting - often believing that a basic ceiling light will suffice for all our needs. However, bathrooms are one of the trickiest rooms to light. Too harsh lights in the bathroom can be blinding and too little light can be straining and can make simple activities difficult.

We bring you five common lighting mistakes that can be found in most bathrooms

Light Fixtures Directly Over The Mirror

We all use the bathroom for our grooming activities, such as shaving, makeup application, brushing etc. However ceiling fixtures over the mirror, can cast shadows under the chin, eyes, and cheeks, making daily grooming rituals more difficult. The solution here is to set up vertical light fixtures or scones mounted on either side of the mirror to create an even light across the face.



Source: iowafestival

Not Installing Dimmers In The Bathrooms

Dimmers are an important addition to any bathroom that helps set the right mood and ambience. If you have a very small bathroom space, using dimmers can also serve a multi purpose of task, ambient, and accent lighting. Besides dimmers also help save electricity.

No Ceiling Lighting

Many a times, we are so focused on creating an ambience, we ignore adding any ceiling lights. A well designed ceiling lighting in the centre of the bathroom helps to illuminate the rest of the bathroom and helps improving overall conformability and safety. Poor lighting conditions in a bathroom can be dangerous and it can often lead to dangerous slips and falls.


Source: decorpad

An ideal bathroom lighting includes adequate task light and ambience light. To get the best lighting effect in your bathroom it is best to hire a professional lighting designer who can transform your space through light and also help save energy.


by  Kapil Agarwal

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