Terraced Gardening Tips for Beginners

While everybody loves to lounge around in one’s own garden, flipping through a book while sipping tea…this is now meant only for the privileged few. In today’s times, when space is an issue, relaxing in a garden may seem to be a distant dream. Plant lovers though, can still pursue their passion with the concept of a terraced garden. As long as you have a mid-sized terrace, you can work your way towards this dream. Use these terraced gardening tips to create your own cozy green corner.

First, you need a terrace that is completely waterproof. Do check with your builder about the weight capacity of the terrace. Once done, divide the terrace to create space for small beds for plants and mark an area for pots. Larger earthen pots can be placed on thefloor that has support beneath. 

Guide to Terraced GardeningGuide -to-erraced -Gardening

The drainage system also needs to be checked regularly. If you plan to add furniture, ensure enough seating space before working on the plant beds. When space is still a constraint, plants hung in pots will add beauty.

Terraced gardening requires a healthy mix of shrubs, flowering plants and ground cover. Your terrace should receive an adequate amount of sunlight. Make a good mix of manure, dead leaves, flowers, etc. for the soil.



Sticky soil in potted plants will add to your woes when water stagnates at the bottom. To avoid this, simply add sand and pebbles at the bottom of the pot. Flowering plants such as roses, begonias, lilies, and medicinal plants such as Tulsi, Aloe Vera, etc. can be grown in a terraced garden. Having home-grown vegetable plants like bottle gourds, tomatoes, brinjals, etc., will also add more flavour to your dishes. Bonsai varieties are another option for fruit plants but this requires a tremendous amount of skill and practice. 

Quick Tips:

· Regular pruning is a must

· For plants that require less sunlight - place a net with the help of bamboo sticks. This will eliminate the need to shift them.

· Stick to organic pesticides

· Home remedies such as an onion-garlic mix or tobacco also helps to keep pests away!



by Kapil Agarwal 

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