Stylish Glass Doors and Windows

Doors and Windows are the first aspects of Architecture that gets Designed & Conceptualised in Homes and Apartments. The larger the Glass panes the more spacious the Rooms would look.

Right from the façade Glazing to Glass Panes incorporated in the Interior Spaces, Windows can look from a clean to a dressed up look.

One can weave the Theme of the Room around a dressed up Window (as shown in the Image). Windows can be Stained Glass, depending on a personal choice.

decorating sliding glass doors

There are a plethora of Designs & Color schemes to choose from.

Either one can have a Mural Painted on the entire Glass pane that needs to be highlighted or it can be done in Panels in a Wooden or Stainless Steel Frame Work.

Glass can also be textured & left muted & clear.

ideas for decorating glass window

If the ambience is subtle, then Clear glass with minimalistic design would be the ideal touch of glamour. 

Textures or Colors are usually given to Glass panes, where a certain amount of Privacy is required, and where one wishes to avoid Curtains or Blinds. Toughened Glass can be used in areas where there is frequent use. 

These types of adorned Glasses can be used on Ceilings as well , as part of the False Ceiling Design. There’s lots one can play around with Glass, since it can take on many facets of Color & Textures.

 Sea glass decorating ideas


 by Kapil Agarwal

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