Sleekness And Sophistication in Living Rooms

A Single Living Room, also known as a Sitting Room or Lounge Room is a room for entertaining guests, reading, watching TV or other activities.


Living Room is also known as 'Front Room' since in many homes the Living Room is at the very front.


In Modern Homes, the Living Room has replaced the old-fashioned Front Salon. In the 19th century, the Front salon, or Lounge, was the room in the house used for very formal Parties and other Social gatherings. 




There is a definite style in sensible layouts, any mundane Space can be made warm & cozy with the right choice of Furniture & Layout.

Leather & Soft Furnishing make an excellent combination. Very easy on the eyes, they keep the budgets well in place. To keep with these elements, the rest of the Furniture Designs have to be straightlined.

Each & every addition lends more character to the Room. Right from the appropriate choice of Wood, to the elegance in the workmanship, to the Polish, Accessories such as Lamps to keep the Room looking cozy in the Evenings; Blinds just the right ones, to allow the Natural Light in & to retain the Privacy as well.

Design sense also allows one to play with Colors. Earthy tones set the mood for a very comfortable & warm ambience. White’s bring in the serenity.


What we see, is a typical Oriental looking Living Room. A clear departure from the clean cut lines.


Whatever maybe the personal calling, if Colors, Polishes & Accessories are correctly applied, one has a Space that holds good it’s feel for a few Years.



by Kapil Agarwal

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