Selecting the Perfect Living Room Sofa Design

In today’s times, when we are spoilt for choice, it’s easy to get flustered when it comes to selecting the perfect sofa design for the living room. Once meant only for the couch potatoes, a big comfy sofa is more than just a place to laze in. It is an important point of focus in your living room. To ensure you pick the right design, browse through our compilation of stylish and comfortable sofa designs.

Select a Design to Suit Your Room




Let’s start off with the right way to pick a sofa. If you’ve already designed your room interiors, it’s vital to pick a design that complements the space. This pearl white elegant sofa looks outstanding when placed against a patterned wall. Such a design fits naturally into the interiors.


A vibrant tangerine shade adds so much glamour to the white walls in this case! This design is suitable for contemporary living rooms that spell class all the way! Modern sofa designs often include armless varieties.

Determine the Seating Number 


How many guests are you planning to entertain? Such large sofa sets are ideal for the social butterflies! They turn into a comfy spot for a group of more than 10 people. You can even look around for modular units that can be used as standalones or moved around as per the need. Opt for those that take the shape of a sofa during the day and turn into a flat bed at night.

Know the Upholstery Fabrics


While some prefer elegance, others love a combination of style and functionality. From plain to florals and stripes, the right material should suit the style and structure of the sofa set. The choice of fabric should be according to your needs. In case you have pets in the house, consider leather or micro-fiber fabrics for the sofa.Check for a fade-resistant fabric in case it is placed near a window.

Size of the Room


A bold blue sofa set is suitable for a large living room. But in case of smaller rooms, the designs need to be simplistic in a lighter shade. 

We hope to have set the ball rolling to ensure you find the most irresistible sofa set design!


by Kapil Agarwal

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