Secrets To A Fabulous Living Room

Whether you are living on your own or with your family, the living room counts as an important space. It’s a space where you spend time with your family and where even most of your guests spend the majority of their time. Hence, it’s very important for you to convert your living room into a fabulous place to hang out in.

Here are a few ideas for a fabulous living room:

1) Your couch is generally the largest piece of furniture in the living room, so putting it at the right spot can make all the difference. Place your couch in such a manner so that it faces the door. But if you happen to arrange it with its back to the entrance, then try adding a console table behind the sofa with art books or lamps. It will help the living room to look more interesting and inviting.


2) You can even add accessories, including a few cozy ones like oversize pillows, a soft and silky blanket over the arm of a couch, etc. You can even add table, floor and wall lamps to make the space illuminate with life.




3) Every living room needs an anchor for your eye to rest, be it a fireplace, a cool light fixture or a nice view. If you don’t have a natural focal point, you can create one simply by showing off your favorite item. You can draw attention to the farthest wall with the help of an oversized piece of artwork or a mirror.


4) For an even look, try and balance the room from top to bottom so that the gaze of the onlooker is not restricted to the couch only. You can consider adding a mirror, Chinese screens, ceiling pendant lighting, wall art, and high-back chairs, etc.




5) You can even create a fab living room by simply adding an eye-catching rug. Before investing in a decent one, first make sure to plan things beforehand so that the entire process of decorating your living room remains hassle free. If you desire a big, open area for get together, go with a large rug that can handle foot traffic. Or if you want people to feel relaxed and comfortable, go for a shag rug, and throw in some floor pillows down to encourage an elegant vibe.


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