Painting Ideas for the Living Room

While painting a living room, the choice of colours is the key element. So, whether you hire a professional or do-it-yourself, you need to be sure of the desired effect. Before painting, you need to decide many things such as the finish - semi-gloss/matte, or choose between oil-based paints to those with low VOCs. Once you’ve cleared the initial hurdles, you must use the basic rules of colour coordination to get a beautiful look for the room. If you detest the idea of the usual sky blue and forest green, we give you four painting ideas to create different effects.

Bright Tones




Dare to use a bright green on the walls? This is an elegant shade and you can opt for a silky sheen for added glow. Note the recesses in the wall have a muted tone of yellow.


You can also add loud colour in moderation to get a cheerful glow. Whilst a major portion of the wall is white, the side panels are painted in a loud yellow. A lighter shade of yellow continues in the adjacent room to add balance. The recesses in the wall also have a hint of yellow. The furnishing items blend harmoniously with the theme.

Royal Cora


Choosing colours is an art! A royal coral adds a certain drama to the room. This may not be the most preferred shade for its boldness, but we love the way the ceiling colour reflects in the furnishings. If you are not sure about the shade, try out different tones on a piece of board.

Mature Greyl



A gorgeous matte grey like this one is so soothing and elegant, isn’t it? When combined with white, the walls give a peaceful and comfortable look to the living room. The sophisticated grey furniture with a little bit of colour thrown in on the pillow covers, turns this room into an excellent space to welcome guests.

Warm Glow



So charming is the ambience created with the use of chocolate brown, we are sure no guest would ever want to leave. Opt for a matte finish which is ideal to add a depth of colour. 

So, have you made up your mind yet? 

by kapil Agarwal

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