Painting Ideas for Kitchen Walls and Cabinets

Undeniably kitchen is a significant part of every one’s home as it is a place where our families begin their day.  It is also a place where our mothers spend most of their time cooking and experimenting with dishes. So if our kitchen space will look inspiring and welcoming, it will encourage our mothers to cook succulent dishes that will surely trickle our taste buds. Moreover, it is a budget friendly approach that will not cost you much and by shedding some amount you can easily achieve the much desired look for your modular kitchen.  So if you are looking forward to revamp your modular kitchen looks with nice paint colors, then here is a guide to help you with unique painting ideas so that you can take the architectural looks of this place a notch higher –


Use interesting interplay of bright and light shades

By painting the modular kitchen cabinets with light shades and walls with contrasting effervescent colors or vice versa, it will brighten up the area and the space will look visually stunning.

Classic Grey

If you want to evoke a contemporary feel, then classic grey is an ideal choice. Moreover, if it is merged effectively with smart color schemes, your kitchen will be transformed into a refined and classic place.

Sophisticated Brown

If you wish to retain the usual rustic cabinet feel, then it is best to paint the kitchen cabinets with brown shade and then complementing the kitchen walls with subtle tones.

Rich Green

Green walls or cabinets not only dazzle up the space, but evoke a cottage feel for your kitchen. Bold lime green shade will also make the space to look bigger and reenergize the atmosphere.

Royal Blue 

Royal blue will help you in giving bold style statement to your modular kitchen. You can also try a mix of blue and green shade by painting the walls with a rich blue tone and cabinets with an understated green hue.

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