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If you were given a choice to choose one room where you’d invest most of your time and energy in its designing and furnishing, which room would it be? Of course, it’s your living room that has the highest chance to top the list as it is one cherished space which determines the entire look of your home. Unquestionably, living room is the heart of your home and the most lived-in place where family members gather to create and recreate significant moments of their lives. It is place where you entertain your guests and friends. 

So make this quintessential place an abode of happiness and give a makeover that is suited most to the contemporary taste and style. If you don’t know how and where to start, then we bring you some innovative ideas which will surely give you a window to the theme.  Contemporary living room design ideas embody such elements as streamlined and sleek contours, uncluttered space arrangement that enables the people to move freely through the seating arrangements and provide a seamless flow of things. You can also draw inspiration from other contemporary living rooms where fashioning digs that are pared-down and rendered in comforting neutrals help to make abstract artwork and dramatic accessories more prominent. 

Another quite popular image that gets conjured up while thinking about contemporary designs and ideas is that of steel grey walls meant to accentuate leather sectionals and sandy shades that are subtly interfused with sea green furnishings ad muted hues of ocean blues. The other features that really can give a great boost to the modern-day feel are geometric patterns, textiles, glass shelves and tables, sculptural lighting fixtures made up of metal, sunburst mirrors, finishes of natural furniture, etc. Also, discover how repeating big blocks of one substantial color as rugs, sofas, drapery panels, focal walls, lacquered cabinets and painted shelves can give definition to contemporary living rooms without overpowering other salient features, such as flooring, ceiling, lightning, etc. 

If you wish to give a glam touch to your living room, then here are some more ideas:

• Kidney-shaped coffee tables;

• Colorful mid-century chairs;

• Retro area rugs;

• Straight-backed chairs;

• Exposed beams;

• Wainscoted architectural detailing;

• And, steel-framed sofas 

However, you are not required to go over-the-top and fill your living room space with heavy lifting furniture and volumes of colors. Rather go for a minimalist look that combines muted textures and spare furniture arrangement that support the axiom ‘less-is-more’. 

Read on to know more about the contemporary living room features that you can play along with to lift up the spirit of your living space:

1. Twist of Patterns

Floral, trellis and ikats – the list just goes on. So use you creative skills and fuse such patterns in a way which will in turn grace your furniture arrangements, lightings, etc. – Brown, Red, Blue and Orange – you can use swaths of vibrant colors in the form of, for example a brown chair, red sofa, blue ottoman and orange wall paint color to give anchor to the space. 

2. Light and Spacious

There is a lot that can be done to your living room provided you avoid weighing down the room with heavy and space occupying furnishings.  You can add a more depth to it with a Lucite dining table and upholstered side chairs along with an open weave coffee table and an unhindered view of windows to avoid giving a restricted feeling to the inhabitants.

3. Reading Alcove 

For book lovers, it’s indeed a great idea to carve out a small reading alcove in your living room. Even if there is not much space, a spatial symmetry can be created as all you need is a cozy chair or recliner and a stunning lamp shade. In case, a floor lamp is not possible to install then you can also go for pendant lightings to complement the style of your living room. Just make sure that there is enough light for you to read when it gets dark.  

4. Modern-day Twist to the Traditional Living Room Design Ideas

Now give your traditional living room design ideas a modern-day twist. Try a combination of archaic standby silhouettes, such as bamboo side chairs, chesterfield sofa with super-saturated shades such as lime green and sea blue colors. 

5. Silver Accessories

Cool silver and metal accessories are a quick and great medium to lend an air of sophistication to your living room. Consider coffee table legs, scrolling mirror or even the andirons of your fireplace polished with chic silver shades.

6. Add Warm Tones

For a living room to look contemporary and stylish, it’s not necessary for it to be big. You can create high ceiling designs and add warm tones with the wood paneled accent wall as well as fuchsia armchairs. 

7. Scented Candles

Scented candles can be used to grace the decor of your living room. Available in different shapes and sizes, the candles are an evergreen option to make for an excellent mood of lightning. 

8. Eclectic Charm 

In order to provide extra seating to your guests, you can use Moroccan poufs and bring an eclectic charm with a modern-day feel. You can also give marble wall treatment to create additional feature in the space. Other fabulous options can be a sling chair, folding glass doors, walnut armchairs, contrasting plush sofas, etc.  

9. Dash of Natural Freshness

It is not always required to fill each and every corner of your home, sometimes you can deck up the nooks and corners of the space by bringing small trees, shrubs and flowers in your indoors and create an inimitable impression. This way you can bring freshness into the space and bring alive your very own contemporary living room at an almost negligible cost.  

10. Use Pop up Colors in your Monochromatic Living Space

Monochromatic living space is often considered very modern and trendy. However, people fail to realize that it dulls the overall appeal of the room. So give it a fresh lease of life by adding pop of colors, such as throw pillows in graphic pattern, bright blooming flowers, shag fabric and soft plush. 

This is not an exhaustive list as still there are innumerable ways with which you can give a modern-day makeover to your living room. You can also consider your personal styles and interest to evoke a special welcoming feel for your friends and guests as what you can give to your room no one else will. 

Don’t undermine the importance of lightning which also plays an important role in giving your home an excellent feel to complement your theme be it contemporary, traditional, vintage or Scandinavian. You can also add quirky accessories here and there to create points of interests in the room. Always remember contemporary designs are nothing but a replication of a modern man’s taste and lifestyle. Time changes and with the changing time people’s tastes evolve and change. So it’s all about capturing the spirit of the age, what you feel and wish to create.  

If you’re a spinster and living independently, then here’s a tip for you – Use sinuous curtains and interfuse it with muted shades to lend feminine grace to your living room. Also, let the artworks, such as abstract paintings to stand out in the room. If possible add a dramatic touch with a spiral staircase, fireplace and extended furniture layout to accommodate your gang of friends.  

As explained in the earlier article sculptures and carvings look extremely attractive and take the interiors to an altogether different tangent. To create an illusion of a bigger space, you can also use decorative mirrors, such as Moroccan Cut Out Mirrors for an elegant look, Silver Ornate Mirrors for a luxurious appeal, Floral Printed Mirrors to create an invigorating energy, Leaf Mirrors to create an understated look. 

In dearth of space, it is advisable to create wall mounted units and make smart use of the floor space. Elongated units in gloss and matte finishes are perfect for storing the entertainment units, such as video games, DVD collections, etc.  Multiple shaped units can be brought together to give a range of storage options on a single wall itself. 

If the walls of your room are white, then style statement can be created with accent pillows and colorful area rugs and the result will be simply beyond words.  

So with comfortable seating, plenty of sunlight and welcoming hues design a living room which conjures up an ideal world for you and your family members. As weather is becoming pleasant, you can arrange a late evening gabfest or throw a party and enjoy a wonderful retreat. 


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