Nature amidst Gardens

This is the one of the most important place in Homes / Apartments. It is also the closest one can get to Nature in it’s most original form.

If Spaces permit, one can adorn gardens most creatively. Appropriate Lighting along with the right treatment of Soil for Grass is the essentials to kickstart a healthy Garden.


Different Trees, Fruit Trees included, can be planted, allowing variation in heights, for a feel good visual treat.



Flowers can add glamour to the side beds. Regular trimming is a must for all Plants, in Soil or in Pots.

 As with any garden, terraces require preparation of soil to allow your plants to thrive. Terrace gardens also should include a comfortable seating area so you can enjoy the environment. Above all, your garden terrace should be an oasis whether it’s located on an old balcony, roof or small patio behind your home. Above all, the surface of the terrace needs to be prepared properly for your plants. 

Waterproof terrace surfaces completely before installation of any dirt, and install proper pipe drainage systems to prevent damage to your property. Drainage and waterproofing are especially important with balcony and roof terraces. Check with your building owners before installation of any terraces. Dumping dirt onto your balcony or roof could cause major damage to the structure as can the weight of the drainage bricks.


Raised Terraces – Above-grade terraces offer a view of your surroundings. Maybe you enjoy a cup of coffee every evening while watching the world go by. Elevated terraces offer both planting and entertainment space. Decide if you’d like to use your terrace garden for a functional vegetable garden or a beautiful flower garden. It’s possible to incorporate both within a relatively small space. Adding potted containers will add height and beauty to your garden as well.



by Kapil Agarwal




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