Nature’s Hues in Kitchens

Kitchens are Areas where cooking happens creatively.

To keep one inspired & cheerful, the absolute appropriate choice of Design & Style here can totally transform a mundane space to an Artistic domain.


Whether the Space in hand is raw or to be revamped, one can get going with some of these Visual inspirations.



What we see in the Image above is a combination of Lime Green with a dash of Sun Yellow and a bit of Sea Green to highlight one Wall. 

Wooden laminate in Greens impacts the look in it’s entireness. Yellow Modular Kitchen Tiles in the façade of main Slab, adds a peppy zing.

Soft Baby Blue Emulsion adorns the Walls.

If Space permits , one can add on a Island seater for Asthetics as well as functionality.

Vetrified Anti Skid Tiles are best applications for a well kept modular Kitchen, as they are easy to wash & maintain. 

Blinds are an accessory that lends style to the Windows. Blues too bring in the peaceful aspect of Nature.

One can suspend dramatic Lamps in the Center of the Ceiling to create some added effects.



by Kapil Agarwal

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