Make Over Your Living Room in One Day

Just because your living room is cluttered and drab, does not mean that you have to live with it. Most people have a misconception that redecorating a living room requires large budgets and lots of time. However, this is not true - with a little ingenuity, lots of imagination and a few living room interior design ideas, you can upgrade your living room in a day.






The first step would be to clean and declutter your room. The idea here is to move aside all the furniture, polish and scrub the floors, so you get the opportunity to see your room in a new light and develop a new visual board of design ideas for the living room.

     younghouselove-living-room - after

Now that you’ve uncluttered your living room, examine what is left and identify the pieces that might be in the wrong place. For instance, the sofa set could be shifted against another wall, or a centre table taking up too much place, could be moved to the corner. The main aim of this step would be to rearrange your furniture to give the room a new look.



Once you have readjusted your furniture, you could turn your critical eye towards the areas in your living room that are a bit boring such as dull drapes, bland walls and consider a few living room design ideas to bring vibrancy to these areas. Painting an accent wall, hanging some artwork and buying lively new drapes are some of the tricks that can bring a dull wall to life.


       smart-girl-style -living_room-after

Once you have added some colour to your room, you can then look at adding some texture through the use of cushions, floor rugs, sofa throws, and wall accessories. Texture in a living area is important because not only does it add dimension to a room, but in a monochromatic room textures plays an important role in keeping the room from looking flat and sterile.

With some ingenuity in living room interior design, it is easy to reintroduce style and decor to your living room within a day.



by Kapil Agarwal 

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