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Every nook and corner of a home reflects the occupant’s tastes, style and in many ways life itself. Your house is not just your sanctuary, but also your style statement. Big or small, it the space that echoes your preferences even in your physical absence. Most of our home is not visible to the public eye especially the bedrooms, bathrooms, study room, kitchen and store etc. However one area that is primarily for visitors and guests is the living room.









A living room is a room that is used for relaxing and socializing. All the formal gatherings take place in the living room and almost all informal gatherings are also centered on this area. Most people who visit your house will most probably not see anything beyond the living room. This is especially true for most modern houses where space is a constraint and there are no adjoining patios, lawns and dining rooms for guest spill over. In such a scenario it is all the more important to do up this space in the best possible manner. Decorating your living room need not necessarily entail a heavy budget. A low budget living room can look better that a high budget one if done up tastefully. At the same time a high budget one can look gross if your only aim is to stuff in expensive artifacts in the available space.

Here are some tips to help you decorate your living room:


A comfortable sofa set and a pair of coffee tables are a must have in the living room. Apart from these you can explore the option of ottoman, couch, bean bag, settee, futon and chaise lounge etc. Another interesting choice is floor seating which is very comfortable and gives a feel look to the room. However all these should accompany the traditional sofa set as it is a seating arrangement that can be used by any and everyone. The coffee tables can be arranged next to the seats for the comfort of placing a glass, snack tray or book for the guests. Besides the seating you may want to place a book shelf in the room which not only adds to the beauty but also acts as a diversion for people when there are those uncomfortable silences, or for those guests who though a part of a gathering don’t have much to say and prefer to be busy on their own. In case you would like to install the television in the living room then you would need a small table, cabinet or a wall mount for holding the media box, game console and other accessories. For placing show pieces and curios you can add corners, center table, wall mounts, glass wall cabinets or full length shelves.

The furniture in the living room should most importantly complement the size of the room. There are many furniture options available from the simple and sleek looking ones to the huge bulky ones which many a times are more appealing. It is easy to get swayed by these options and especially by a feeling of competition with neighbors and friends, but always keep in mind that your living room should be the way you want it to be. Visitors will come and go but you have to live in that house with the soothing décor or the cluttered mass that you make it to be.


The furnishings for your living room will include upholstery, curtains, drapes and carpets etc. The upholstery material should be chic and stylish and at the same time comfortable. The color scheme of the curtains or drapes that you choose should blend with the overall décor of the room, especially with the upholstery. If you want a give a more formal look to the living room then drapes can be added however if being a little informal is your style then curtains should be sufficient. To give a rich look to the room you can add window scarves and valances along with the curtains. In case you want something different and sleek is your style then you can skip the curtains and can experiment with blinds and shades as well. They are available in a variety of material and prints that will match the upholstery and wall color. Add a carpet or rug to the living room to give a rich and pleasant look. Not only that, when you have large informal gathering then the rug will many times be used as a seating by you and your guests. Throw in a few cushions on the sofa and the ottoman to make the sitting arrangement more comfy. However, do remember that too many cushions can play spoil sport and make the seating more uncomfortable than otherwise.


Wall color


                Wall-color-of Living-room-design


Choosing a color for your living room can be quite a challenging task. Since it is your home and your space the color on the walls should reflect your taste. Nevertheless, you cannot make it an absolutely personal choice like your bedroom. This is because the purpose of the living room is to entertain family and friends and to be used by the in living family members as a space to relax. So though it should reflect your style, it should also be inviting and a wee bit formal. Achieving all this together is no doubt a not so easy task. Nonetheless it is not very difficult either and just requires some clarity of thought on your part and a little bit of research. In case your living room gets enough sunlight then you have the liberty of choosing rich colors and earthy hues like peacock blue, browns and grey. In spite of these colors a room with abundance of daylight will look bright and airy. However stay away from yellows to avoid over brightness. On the other hand if your living room receives limited sunlight then opt for hues that will give it a sunny and brighter look, like ivory and butter yellow. If you would still prefer darker colors then muted tones like pumpkin and mocha are what you should consider. You can vary the ceiling color from the walls and give a different look to the room. If you have a high ceiling then you can try a darker tone on it and if the room walls are of a dark color then try a lighter tone on the ceiling. You can choose from a variety of paint types ranging from matte to satin and semi gloss to a textured finish. Whatever color and finish you decide on, paint it on a small portion of a wall and observe it throughout the day to get a clear picture of how your living room will look like after the painting job is done. On the whole do take care that the wall color is in sync with the color of the furniture.


This aspect of a room gets the least importance in comparison to others, though it plays a very big role in creating the ambiance of the room. You can use different kind of lights in the same room and that too at different levels to make it appealing and snug. Energy saving LED lights and halogen fixtures definitely spoil you for options. Ceiling lights, wall mounted fixtures, lamps and chandeliers are some options that have been around for quite some time and are still in vogue. They give a warm feel to the living room. Hanging pendants, chandeliers and table lamps provide light and double up as decorative pieces. Recessed lighting can give an intimate and classy, feel and look to an otherwise simple room. Accent lighting can be used to highlight certain objects that you intend should be the focal point of the living room. For this you can use under cabinet lights or adjustable lights that can be pointed to a specific direction. Creative use of lights can give your living room a whole new and artistic look.





There is no limit to the showpieces, artifacts and curios that can be placed in your living room to make it look classy, bright and happy. Home stores, online stores and picking up interesting pieces while travelling are how we gather the treasure that we love to display for guests in the living room. However do not dump any and everything that you have into this space. Be selective and intelligent while placing decorative items. If you have a small space, then populate the living room with small showpieces to avoid a cluttered look. Of course if you do have a palatial house then you need to opt for the big and bulky pieces. Wall hangings are also a good option for decorative purpose. You hang a cluster of small ones together on a wall or a single large one. Showpieces give the final touches to your living room and give it a bright and cheerful look. Don’t hesitate to experiment, after all it is your living room and it will look good to others if it looks good to you.





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