Living Room Furniture Designs and Ideas

Living rooms are often the most buzzing areas of the house with everyone gathering for chats, television and group time. The furniture elements of the living area tell a lot on how the space is going to be used to the optimum. Check these living room furniture designs that work for different areas and spaces. 

Use Sofas For Partition:-

We like detached spaces, but thanks to the small apartments, there isn’t always the room to create a separate area. As such, the sofa of the living room can well serve as the divider between the living and dining sections, which are often clubbed together. What you need is a sofa collection that makes a statement and creates the partition effect. 


                                                photo by- Gilday Renovations

Swap the usual coffee table: 

Living room furniture has the coffee table as the must, but you can swap the larger ones for smaller and interesting replacements. This can be anything from different blocks of wood placed together to an ottoman that also leaves the scope to store things. For smaller spaces, designer small coffee tables are bliss.


                                             photo by  - Shannon Malone

Opt for an accented element:- 

After a point a similar and flowing theme can get boring for the living room design. As such, pick one of the furniture items that can work as a piece of accent for the rest of the room. This can be your day bed, reading chair or a two-seater in a bright shade.


                                                             photo by  -  Structures Building

Choose for circular sitting:-

If the sofa partition doesn’t work for your living room plan, you can trade the idea for a circular sitting area that creates a niche easily. This can be done with three or four armchairs put together in a round assignment, and to make things more appealing, you can add the center table and a chandelier on the top.


                                                                 photo by   Jeffers Design Group

Add offbeat living room furniture:-

Another creative way to balance the space is to add a few of the offbeat options.  This can be the dad chair, the day bed, the rocking chair, or anything that’s not a living room essential component.


                                                               photo by  -   Mary Ann

Let the creative juices flow and contact your designer for the high spirited furniture choices.



by Kapil Agarwal             

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