Living room decor for an art lover

A design style that was brought into vogue during the 1920s became the choice of many art connoisseurs. It was characterized by bold contours, zigzag and geometric forms. Popularly known as Art Deco style, it was inspired by Art Nouveau’s motif patterns that vividly depicted nature, flowers, sunrise, etc on the walls. Even though with the gradual passage of time it got replaced with curves and angles, the cascading waterfalls, mountains, brooks and lakes has never failed to impress art lovers particularly when they are brought indoors as art works. So whether you are a traveler, animal lover or a sports enthusiast, there will always be some form of art to quench your creative thirst, which you will always want to preserve in your home as a treasure. But there are several factors that determine your choice of an art piece. To begin with, it majorly depends on your willingness to pay for that artwork and whether it’s a right pick for your home interiors or not. 

With the help of below mentioned tips learn how to create a beautiful impression of art in your living room – 
Personalize your living room: There is no dearth of art works available in the market, but buying that which suits your tastes and requirement involves some amount of hard work. Whether it is a modern art, abstract art, coal art, oil painting, the list is endless. So before making a choice you need to know if it’s a single decorative wall painting or a canvas of multiple art forms that will compliment the architecture of your living room. You can personalize your living room by creating a gallery of your favorite paintings.
Invest smartly: If you want to sizzle up your living room decor with art pieces that best exemplify a dash of Art deco in its essence, then wet your feet and invest in something that will always delight you with its overwhelming appeal, new sense of discovery, and integrity. 

Palm beach condo style: Simple, yet elegant this mid-century Palm Beach Condo style comprises geometric rugs of neat patterns having a square within a square painted with white and green. To compliment its beauty, square-angled pieces of furniture and round-shaped chairs, coffee tables and vases are placed.

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