Living room decor for a music lover

Isn’t it true that everyone loves music and wants to transform some corner of your home into an entertainment hub? As music reinvigorates our mood and helps us in releasing our stress, it works effectively as a therapy for our aching soul. Given the fact that music offers an immense reservoir to its lovers, it is not only used as a mirror to express yourself, but interestingly as a form of decoration in contemporary homes. In the present times, there is an increasing trend to use music home accents and wall decor for refurbishing the living rooms. So if your residence houses a large living room, you can use your creative independence for decking up your place with music wall art and music wall decor, but most importantly it should suit your taste and personality.

Whether it’s about placing the musical instruments, proper storage and sound management, everything needs to be well taken care of and the space should look well integrated or in other words a personalized oasis of a music aficionado. Here are some ideas, especially laid down for your convenience:

1. If you plan your living room as a place to communion with music, it becomes incumbent to make that space equally comfortable by placing some recliners, couches, upholstered arms, chairs, etc.

2. If you want to transform your living room as an abode of music, then it’s outside view should be given due importance. Your place will become even livelier with your living room overlooking a beach, a stunning garden or the city sky line. 
3. For a more impressive look, try and add some decorative lighting fixtures for setting the mood of your living cum music room. Ideally speaking, selection of lights should go hand in hand with the genre of the music. 

4. Another important element which you can add to your living room is a music wall décor and music note art. Framed pictures and posters of your favorite band or artist is a must. Besides that, you can also hang paraphernalia as decor pieces, including guitars, vinyl discs, magazines, and others.

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