Living Room Ceiling Lighting Ideas

A single ray of sunshine is enough to brighten up a dull and dreary day! Similarly, how you plan the lighting of your house has a direct effect on your thoughts and feelings. You must exercise careful attention to detail when it comes to lighting up your living room. This is one of the most important elements in interior design and its appropriate use can create astounding effects. Let’s take a quick look at interesting and creative ways to light up the ceilings of your living room. Stay inspired with these designs and ideas.


Stay Stylish with Cove Lighting 




Cove lighting can be used as a main source of light or for decorative purposes. Suitable for walls with a recess or a false ceiling, cove lighting adds an air of drama as you can see in the images above. It casts a glow in an upward direction lending a magical look to the interiors.  It has the power to transform a living room from a leisure space to an area that is truly regal and awe-inspiring.

Add Drama with Artistic Chandeliers



A chandelier is one of the most popular lighting fixtures for living rooms. While the traditional designs are often in demand, there are many contemporary versions that add an air of elegance. Suitable for high ceilings, ensure the designs do not create a harsh shadow. You can opt to place 2 - 3 smaller sized modern chandeliers (as seen in the above image) Or else, choose a sparkly crystal design to represent your sophisticated side. Today’s contemporary designs play down the ostentations without compromising on the chic appearance.

Get Focused with Ceiling Spotlights


The ceiling in the living room (image above) is bedecked with this type of accent lighting. The tiny array of spotlights turn into little jewels that run across the ceiling. This kind of lighting fixture is suitable to create a cozy ambiance for your evening get-togethers and lavish dos. 

There’s so much you can do with a correct placing of a light source.


by Kapil Agarwal

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