Lighting Ideas for a Living Room

It is an undisputed fact that the living room is a significant space of any home as it’s the centre around which the rest of your place gravitates. It’s a place where not only the whole family unites, but also where guests are welcomed and entertained. As this is the only part of your home that acquires greater visibility, it therefore calls for an extra bit of attention from your side so that a great visual impact can be created. This can be easily achieved by choosing the right lighting scheme for the space, which will help you create even more beautiful, flexible and functional environment serving different occasions. For flattering ambience, you can use chandeliers, accent lightings, sconces, etc. and for other purposes such as reading, writing or watching television, an array of task lightings provide good options. 

So add style and function to your living room space with the great lighting tips that are mentioned below:

Pendant Lightings: Add a classic touch to your living room space with the help of pendant lightings which will create a spectacular visual appeal over your head. Such lightings work best for the high ceiling rooms and give off enough light to dazzle the space.

Skylights:  Skylights can turn a dark and dingy room into a well-lit section by tapping the natural daylight from outside. From giving a meaningful anchor to your large living room to improving the energy efficiency, the skylights transform the place into an inspirational living space. In case, there is not enough ceiling space, you can use tubular skylights that come with a collector attached to it for harnessing and channeling daylight from the rooftop. 
Table and Floor Lamps: When strategically placed, the table and floor lamps provide a great source of lighting options for illuminating the corners of the seating area. Table lamps provide task lighting and create an essential focal point for work. Floor lamps, on the other hand, provide excellent visibility without occupying much of the space.  

Wall Sconces: If you are looking for a source of light, which offers unique and creative choice then wall sconces are the right pick for you. Without providing over radiating glow, wall sconces beautifully highlight the paintings and interior decor when place closed to them.

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