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Welcome to the world of kids where you will find everything needed for making your kid’s room one of its kind!! When it comes to their kids’ corners, parents have a lot of dreams. Parents are always very excited to decorate or renovate the room of their prince or princess and therefore strive hard to express their feelings and love for them through the creativity and elegant designs.


When it comes to girls, interior designing themes will always differ from that of boys, but it's not necessary that we should stick to all the hues of pink while decorating a girl’s room. Parents expect something modern yet functional and if you are one of those curious parents, then read on to find more.




When decorating your child’s room; you will get a chance to get in touch with the kid inside you! It is a wonderful way of letting your creativity flow freely but on the other hand, this can be a very challenging task for the parents. But don’t worry; we will make it easier for you!

•    Interior designing themes – The very first thing to do is, to select the theme of the room around which the entire interior designing concepts will revolve.  For this, you have to sit with your son or daughter and then discuss with them about what actually the kid want to inculcate into his/her room. Ranging from the furniture to the wall mounts, everything will be based on this theme. So make sure that you have a clear picture in your mind.

•    Furniture – Also when it comes to kid’s room, security and safety of the environment should also be kept into consideration. Make sure that the furniture in the room including the cupboard and shelves are safety proof. Avoid using delicate glass or breakable material. Always go for the wooden, concrete or plaster material.




o   Usually, space in kid’s room is always small and therefore one should always go for furniture that can perform multiple functions so that the place can be used both for sleeping and playing. To exemplify one can go for a crib that can later be converted into desk or bed.

o   Furthermore, make sure that furniture should not have sharp edges and should have nontoxic paint or varnish.

o   Instead of using chairs, go for the themed sofas, or bean bags, that will make preteen’s room stylish.

o   As far as beds are concerned, bunk beds are hugely popular among kids but if your child is afraid of heights then you should not go for this kind of beds.

o   Use of a multipurpose computer table is must so that the same can be used for the study purposes. Consider the body posture and comfort level while picking up the chair to be paired with the table.

o   Another important part of the furniture is the dressers which become mandatory when we talk about a girl’s room.

Bottom line, whatever you use! Make sure that it should not hurt the child.

•    Color combinations – Ah! This is one of the most confusing yet interesting parts of room designing. But we can save you from this confusion. Take a look below:




o   Be open with your kids that whether they want an energetic or calm looking colors for their room to be painted in. it's always better to have a plastic or semi-gloss wall paint because the children are very fond of making the wall a mess so when you will be having a plastic paint you can easily clear the mess from the walls within a fraction of seconds.

o   Green is one of the most widely recommended colors for a child that hassles the growth of the brain and offers a calming effect on the child. Don’t use color like black on dark colors as it can have a bad impact on child’s creativity and imagination.

o   Pink has become a traditional way of decorating a girl’s room but still, we cannot completely avoid it. You can use pink color to give elegant look by combining it with white which is very much in trend these days. If you are decorating the room for a newly born baby then you can use cute pink color bows to give a super cute look to the room.

o   If you do not want to go for the pink color then, you can use other soothing colors and styles like green, yellow to add a refreshing effect to your kid’s room. Soft paintings on such colored walls will surely add to the ambiance of the room.

o   If you want to keep the color of the room neutral then, go for the shades like white or fresh aqua or a touch of creamy blue that will lighten up your kid’s room.

o   You can also use glow paint to create magical effects on the walls of the room. For a boy’s room, one can go for magnetic paints.

•    Decal paintings – Use of decal sceneries has become very famous. With the help of these sceneries, you can easily transform your kid’s room into a space station or a princess’s Castle and so forth.  Using a particular portion of the wall to display the collection of fun photographs is another successful thing that one can look forward to.

•    Windows – Cross ventilation is one of the looked-for features in your kid’s dreams place. One can have an air conditioner installed in the kid’s room but nothing can hasten up a child's growth as beautiful as natural surroundings. Make sure that, there is enough number of windows so that the natural light can enter the room during the daytime.

•    Lightning – Last but not the least, lighten up your kid’s room with beautiful and attractive multiple color lights and lamps. Reading lamps are also very essential in a kid’s room. Therefore make sure that the lightning is not too bright or dim.

•    Placement – It is one of the most important aspects while designing room. Furniture should be placed very wisely so that maximum space can be used and at the same time small room can look like a bigger one. Try to attach the beds to the walls in order to protect your kids from falling off.

•    Flooring – Once you have set up everything make sure that there is enough floor space left for your child to have fun. Make sure that your floors are carpeted rather than slippery. You can also go for the wooden or rubber flooring to make sure that your baby doesn't lose his balance accidentally while walking or playing.

All in all, make the best use of your creativity and ideas to make the room look more attractive. To gather more ideas make sure that you research a lot from the sources like home decor and designing websites on the internet.

Whatever you do make sure that you have a clear picture in your mind so that it is easy for you to design the room.  Even if you are hiring an expert interior designer in delhi and interior designers in noida then also it will make their work easier. However, you should keep in mind that your little one will be growing very soon and will surely ask for a change in his/her room so be smart while designing their room so that when you have to replace the things, it becomes easier for you.





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