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All of us are aware of the natural beauty of wood products and it’s true that the more one knows about their distinct characteristic traits and source the more one tends to appreciate the degree of warmth and beauty it adds to the interior decor of the home. Certainly, wood furniture looks extremely exquisite and it cannot be debated. The person who owns such furniture is glad at the fact that the particular type of grain pattern he/she possesses and its inherent appeal is not possessed by anyone else as each pattern of grain is an inimitable masterpiece of texture, design and brilliance. At times, the grain or natural blemishes in the wood may appear as defects, but in fact they add more richness and warmth to a given piece of furniture. 

However, when there is no dearth of wood types it becomes important to determine the level of durability by considering the difference between various wood types before you choose one for your flooring, cabinetry, millwork or furniture project. Each specie and type of wood comprises an individual cellular structure that forms distinct physical characteristics that help in assessing suitability for putting them to different purposes. 

Hard wood and Soft wood are historically considered the two types of wood in which the initial wood is derived from a leaf bearing tree and the latter one from cone bearing trees. But now these two wood types possess sub-categories, so depending upon the nature of use select a wood that can withstand daily war and tear and provide long lasting use. 

There are various species of wood available in the market, but the selection process should be informed by your personal preference and the style you want to give to your room. All the species of wood are suitable for daily use and oak, birch and hard maple are commonly found in most homes. So let’s study about the wood types, their benefits and how they can be used as furniture in a little detail:


1. Oak

This is the most commonly used hardwood and out of more than 60 species of oak grown in America – the White and Red Oak are two standard varieties. This is a strong and heavy hardwood which is light colored. It contains large pores and prominent rings that lend oak a course texture and conspicuous grain.  

Many homes owners these days furnish their homes with oak furniture which are extremely durable and go well with any setting. A combination of oak furniture and oak flooring is simply a breathtaking combination and lend a chic as well as homely look without involving any effort. 

However, before investing into your home furniture and flooring it is advisable to always consider professional advice to avoid pitfalls. 

2. Maple 

Maple wood contains almost 115 species, but only five are used commercially. Out of the five, two are sugar maple and hard rock maple. Maple wood is very hard and shock resistant and so is widely used for bowling alley floors. This wood also contains pores but they are evenly sized that gives it a fine texture. It can be polished or stained to look like cherry wood. 

You make a beautiful addition to your home with maple hardwood flooring which can fit the decor and style of any room making it feel airy and light. Its steady and fine texture of grain will give your flooring an unvarying finish. Out of an excellent variety in terms of colors and texture, you can choose the one that best suits your taste and interiors of your home. From light cream to dark brown with red contours, every possible shade in light and bright shades are available and some of which undergo a slight change of color as they mature which gives additional appeal to the wood.

The best advantage of maple flooring is that it requires easy maintenance, i.e. occasional mopping with a mild wood soap and the beauty of the floor will last for years and years.  

3. Walnut 

This is the most versatile wood which is popular for making cabinets. There is no dearth of variety available in walnut wood found in the U.S., Asian and European countries. It is hard, strong and long-lasting, but not excessively weighty. From light-colored wood (grown in Europe) to dark chocolate brown in color (grown in America), the walnut wood offers an excellent woodwork quality and can retain well different finishes.  

Furniture made of walnut wood can be bought at affordable costs. From living room furniture, kitchen cabinets, window furnishings to bedroom furnishings, walnut furniture will be an attractive addition to your home owing to its dense makeup and incredible durability. 

4. Cherry

Cherry is a top-quality wood which can be used for making small accessories to home furniture. It can be seen in creamy white, reddish-brown and pinkish textures. The dark cherry hardwood carries an elegant and gorgeous finish owing to its fine-figured and straight grain appearance. Cherry hardwood flooring lends a feeling of warmth to any room and complements both traditional as well as contemporary interior decor

Due to its red, rich texture cherry wood is often recommended for bedrooms where you can pair the flooring with contrasting wall paint colors. In cherry wood, you can find an assorted variety of furniture, such as chairs, dining tables, consoles, custom beds, etc. in an uncompromising comfort and style and exquisite craftsmanship. 

5. Teak

Teak wood comes in yellow and dark brown shades and is quite strong, heavy and durable. It contains mottled, straight grain and fiddleback textures. Modern, Scandinavian and Oriental style of furniture are more often than not crafted out of teak wood. It is considered among the most luxurious furniture and is quite a status symbol for those who own it. It is in high demand because of its durable nature and elegant look. 

Teak furniture is often preferred for outdoors in the form of benches, dining and table sets as they get least affected by the climate year round. Teak is an eco-friendly wood that can be used in an unfinished form and needs little maintenance.

6. Rosewood

It comes in dark reddish brown shades with black streaks and is also quite hard and strong. Rosewood requires high polish and is put to use not only in furniture making, but also in the making of tool handles, piano cases, veneers, etc. The wood over a period of time undergoes some mutations in color which gives this wood a beautiful golden brown texture. 

Due to its warm, rich hue, the rosewood is much popular among the home owners, who are looking to beautify their bedroom, study room or a dining room. It contains straight grain and interlocked patterns giving rosewood a uniform appeal. 


1. Ash

Ash wood is found in 16 species that grow in the east of United States and the white ash is commercially most significant of all. It is very heavy, hard and contains prominent grain in white and light brown shades of wood. It is quite affordable and provides the same benefits as that of oak furniture. 

From solid Ash chairs, dining tables, coffee tables, flooring and cabinets – you can experience a whole range of possibilities. The lighter shades of ash wood create an illusion of more space and are often considered best for kitchens because of the highly shock-resistant nature. 

2. Birch

Birch wood has many species and out of all yellow birch is commercially most important. There is European birch which is fine-grained and costly at the same time. It is often stained to imitate walnut or mahogany wood. As birch is a strong wood which can hold screws quite well and other structural elements of furniture; this wood is also used as a veneer to give an outer coating to other wood furnishings. 

The birch wood flooring can withstand daily wear and tear, if properly maintained. 

3. Redwood

The top quality red wood is derived from heartwood and contains chemical within the pores which makes the wood resistant to damage caused by moisture, sunlight and insects. It is best for your outdoor wing, but is also used for indoor sections. Moreover, some of the finest patio furniture is made of redwood. The natural beauty of this wood is unrivaled when combined with the right fabrics and cushions. These days western styled are made of redwood as it fill your bedroom with a pleasant aroma contained in it.

4. Fir

Fir wood contains a straight and closely packed grain pattern which is reddish-brown in color. It is quite affordable and offers fair amount of durability. Although relatively difficult to stain, the wood is commonly used for making furniture, windows, frames, veneer, plywood and doors. 

The best feature of fir wood is that it is resistant to moisture which makes it fit for the outdoor area and in case it t becomes damp it doesn’t run out of shape or warp out. It needs proper maintenance to be able to last for years.






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