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Today’s Architects & Designers are fully aware that modern lifestyles can be frenetic, with work commitments often encroaching on family life. This reduces the time spent enjoying being with the people you love and also limits private moments of relaxation. Thus kitchens are created to help redress the balance, by creating a authentic ‘heart to the soul’ ambience,where quality time may be spent with friends and family. Also, regardless of style, all these kitchens are designed  to be technologically superior and functional to work in. 

A well planned Kitchen combines concrete, quality workmanship with elegant line work, a skilfull  balance of traditional essence with the latest in performance and warmth.

The Kitchen we see is based on an enduring design, and is for those who want to enjoy the pleasure of a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the home. It looks both evocative and charming. It is a style which will enable you to bask in moments of comfort and serenity, either, alone or in the company of friends. The modular kitchen has a casual elegance, and every modern convenience that you could need. In compliance with the structural elements whose theme is based from the past, this kitchen also houses contemporary appliances.


Here we see a different Color & Layout that is refined yet casually informal. The Old England Kitchen Design has a warm atmosphere; its style is welcoming, cozy and perfect for a family home.

This Kitchen can be installed in spaces of differing dimensions and shapes.

The authentic effect has been achieved using a soft lacquer available in subtle colors such as Beige & Brown. These hues combined with polychrome marble work surfaces, refined brass handles and decorative features, completes this attractive and desirable kitchen.

There is a harmonious balance between natural materials and innovative Design features which can give Kitchens a timeless classical appeal.

The furniture’s forms and lines can be kept simple, bold and distinctly modern. The materials that can be ideally used are a light oak combined with sleek stainless steel and black steel. The aim in the design is to provide a streamlined and practical working environment without losing essential character and ambience.


One can see an overview of a modern and creative scheme of an Ultra functional yet good looking Modular Kitchen Furniture Design.

The Design element is very raw & basic, yet the choice of Natural Teak Finish, coupled with White & Dull Greenish Marble gives a simple yet feel good zing.

Anti Skid tiles on the Floor make for a comfortable base to move around.



by Kapil Agarwal

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