Jazz Up your Living Room with Fabulous Wallpaper Designs

One of the easier ways to spruce up your living room interiors is to invest in the very modest wallpaper! While you can be spoilt for choice with retro designs, gold or silver shades, pretty floral patterns, using the appropriate design is vital to get the desired result. Since you have tons of liberty, it’s easy to be intimidated with the variety. We understand the creative chaos it can cause, so check out these cool wallpaper designs and ideas for the living room.

An Explosion of Colours



Here, it’s not just about the bright neon wallpaper…it’s also about balancing this colour burst with appropriate furniture. You can opt for a shocking colour but ensure the print is delicate and flowing to create a pleasing effect on the wall. Keep the furniture in plain white to avoid a clutter of colours.


Yes, you can certainly opt for a crimson red to create a charming effect in the living room. This shocking colour and design has the power to transform a dull room into an attention-grabbing space.

Use of Floral


This living room gets a sophisticated spin with dark wallpaper on one side. While flower patterns are pretty common, it is unusual to use a dark shade such as this one. Yet, it creates a soothing effect due to the beige walls, brown curtains and the use of lighting accents.


If dainty flowers are not on your list, bright and large floral designs can create a thrilling experience. Remember to choose a wall with no windows and prop neutral sofas against it.

Modest Linear Patterns


Want to wow your guests on their arrival? This is a perfect use of simple black and white horizontal lines that spread out on more than one wall. This delivers a powerful statement while elongating the space. We love the white on the door frames. The modest sofa and table complete the picture.

           chirpy-look-with-vertical-lines-Living Room-Wallpaper

Here’s another chirpy look with vertical lines. A burst of colour is seen on the pillow covers placed on neutral furniture.

So, if you are aspiring for these sophisticated looks, choose any decorative style and allow your imagination to take flight!



 by Kapil Agarwal

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