Interiors with a Blend of Nature

Ideally homes should be a depiction of personalities occupying that Space.

The more realistic the Interiors, the more liveable the home. Imagine what it would be like if we are surrounded by our choice of Colors, Lighting, Curtains / Blinds, Accessories, Wood Work, etc.

Typically, we use Magazines, Interior Websites, or Professional services for interiors. However, if we just unleash our creativity & translate the same to our Living or Working Spaces, we can have our signature imprinted in every part of the House. The Colors we identify with, the textures, the line work, Modern or Classic or Ethnic, would all combine to add to the flavor.

We can tell an entire Story through the Seasons in our homes. Use inspirations, but create originality.

Spring Bedrooms

Bedrooms are spaces to rest & rejuvenate. The Colors we use here are very important as is common knowledge.

The Lighter the hues, the more soothing they will be to the mind, and the more rested the family will feel. Colors are a personal choice, they can be Soft Pastels, picking a theme from the Season

By choosing a delicate yet striking fabric for Curtain / Blinds & Soft Furnishings, one can use that as the Central Theme for the Room & do up the Rooms around it.

Pick your favourite Flower, and try to locate Fabrics & accessories that will define that for these few months.

In case one is not such a Flower person, one can choose from Leafy print Wallpapers or Abstracts that may have Natural Colors of the Skies. Or Textured Fabrics & Coordinate them with Nature like Accessories.

Furniture Lines, Polishes, Flooring, Ceiling (False Ceilings), Wall textures, Lights, Art Works all can be coordinated to compliment the same.

Budgets can be designated for each area, so as to progress in the right direction, with the appropriate Design & Vendor and thereby welcome yourselves into these spaces.



 by Kapil Agarwal


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