Interior Design ideas for a Living Room

Living room is the essence of any house. It is done keeping in mind the harmony, living style, personality and taste of the person who owns the house. There are numerous ways in which one can decorate the living room but choosing the right one based on your desire is a real task. Thus, there should be a fair idea of what your living room is going to be used for. Is it going to be a room for relaxation or one for social gatherings only? Functional needs should be kept in mind before any purchase of furniture or décor for the room. It is important to discuss and visualize the room with the interior designer before executing.




Designing the living room



A room is always designed according to the availability of the space. According to the design, one can ponder about the colour, accessories and furniture he/she desires.  There should be a balance with the theme and colors of the room.  Strategic use of carpets and side tables will give an edge to the room. Impression of space is a key aspect and is managed differently with different type of interior design. Vivid colors schemes, textures, pastel tones they all can change the look and presentation of living room completely. Add recliners, television, and music player as per the usage of that room.

Room Colour

Colors of the room should be pleasing to one’s eyes. They should not irritate the person a year or two down the line. Most people opt for light colors to avoid this situation. However, if your living room is spacious enough, you can experiment with vivid colors and patterns which will definitely give an edgy look to the room. Light colors should be used for small rooms as they give an optical illusion of room being spacious. 

Type of flooring

Believe it or not, floors can be an important aspect of designing. You can go for fancy ideas but they won’t be effective till your flooring is done right. There are various options for living room floors. One can choose from wood, tiles and stones. Many prefer to cover the floor entirely or partly with a carpet. If you reside in a place with colder climates, rugs and carpets are an efficient choice. Along with making the room elegant, it will also provide comfortable and soft surface. Wooden floors are a classic but they require high maintenance.

Select a living room design

If you are confuse with what kind of colour, furniture or flooring you want for your living room; you can always choose a particular type of interior design and place material accordingly. Again, it all depends on what vibe you want your living room to have. Many like to experiment with their designs.  If you are living with a big family, rustic design can do the work. For couples, modern design is always an ideal choice.

Some popular living room designs

·         Modern living rooms

They are somewhat between the vibrant minimalist designs and the energy of classic designs. Neither chaotic not cluttered, the accessories and decorations of these living rooms are chosen skillfully. Room includes designer seating and lighting. A classy modern living room design will have pure white walls and muted tones. Modular kitchen can also be attached to this.




·         Minimalist living rooms

It is best suited for ones who want their living room look wonderful with as little as possible. And that is what minimalism is all about. Along with the techniques of modernist architecture, a harmonious living room environment can be made with sleek, stark lines combined with open space. Placing carpets strategically and easy seating can definitely simplify the area .


·         Country style living rooms

There is no country style living room without any traditional features like broad timber beams and carpets along with big brick-built hearths. However, even undecorated wooden floors can give an edge to the interior design of a country style living room. Huge dining tables and accessories like candles will totally add to the room’s look.


·         Rustic style living rooms

Rustic style living rooms are generally welcoming. Large, spacious room with big windows and decorative curtains makes for an ideal rustic style.  It is usually sideboards, wooden floors and brick fireplaces taking you back in time. Timber can highlight the rustiness of the spaces.


·         Classic living rooms

These room is spacious and with good ventilation. Generally, this interior design has generous seating. Bright colors and decorations are kept in mind while designing these rooms. But there shouldn’t be any loss of poise or balance in this arrangement. Flowers can add lightness and warmth to this arrangement.

Designing small living rooms




Always consult an interior designer for small living rooms. Wrong accessories and combinations can make the living room confined. Although it is a challenge, but with few changes and right ideas, even a small living room can become magnificent. Always use lighter colors to give the impression of space instead of going for bright tones. Do not fill the room with accessories and decorative stuff. Some paintings and flowers can do the trick. Go for the clever furniture. The furniture along with lighting system can do wonders and can completely transform one’s living room.

Decorating tips

Some things are important to be considered the interior designing of the living room. A balance between everything in the room is a must. Nothing should go overboard and furniture should be flexible. Seating space should be managed in a way that there is enough space for people to move around. Look for creative paintings and unique artifacts to make it attractive.  Flowers and scented candles always give a natural vibe in any room. Some more tips are:

·         Have clear picture of how your room should look. Check out the latest designs beforehand.

·         Focus on the kind of lighting you want. You don’t have to go overboard with expensive products. An elegant lamp or a pretty chandelier would suffice.

·         Always go for glass if you want your room to have some natural light. It is modern and stylish and at the same time, it will make your room look clear and spacious.

·         Always decide on the colour palette. Your furniture should complement the other elements of the living room. It is supposed to stand out with contrast to the walls.

·         When in confusion, opt for black or white furniture.

·         If you lack space, you can always go for foldable items to save some space. Foldable chairs can be used when there is need else can be kept aside.

·         Place your television on wall if there is no space for table provision.

·         You can also attach it with your modular kitchen or dining table.

·         Everything should complement each other and it should also be functional. Placing electronics far from power sources and then using long wires for connection will ruin the look of your living.

·          Storage is another important aspect in a modern room. It can either be hidden or open; it is used for arranging things in order to make room look neat and organized.

·         Keep experimenting. If you are not satisfied with one particular type, you can always go for fusions. That’s what interior designers in delhi are there for. 

Apart from do’s and don’ts of interior designs, if you still want different thing, there is no harm in experimenting. If you are not satisfied with one particular type, you can always go for fusions. That’s what interior designers in delhi  are there for.  Or you can always have the luxury of designing your own living room.








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