Infuse a Romantic Flare to your Furniture with Prints

Have you ever felt experimental when it comes to interior design? While many people may dream to bring a touch of romance and drama to their homes, only a few may venture on this path. Bringing a sense of uniqueness to your home is easy if you know the tricks! Well, get ready to be dazzled with some amazing, inspirational prints that will instantly perk up your home furniture and revamp your home interiors with great style.

Simply Trendy 




The use of yellow and white looks utterly gorgeous for this interior design. Infusing prints can be done subtly as is seen in this case. A bold print on the sofa propped against a yellow wall can brighten up the corner of your living room with great ease.

Two to Tango


By placing just one simple table such as this floral beauty will instantly summon the thoughts of spring into your home. Keeping it against a subdued wallpaper design is a nifty idea provided you co-ordinate it well with the rest of your space. You can spice up a dull passageway with this idea or let it grab attention in the living room. 


In this design, we can see a beautiful combination of black and white printed sofa stools with light floral prints for the chairs. Printed cushions are casually thrown in without creating a clutter. The overall ambience is relaxed with a hint of fun! Make such interesting combinations to add variety to the design.

Wild and Wacky



Allow wacky prints to take the center stage! A bold zebra print will hint at your unique personality that does not fear experimentation. As in this case, let the bold furniture prints grab attention whilst the other elements fade into the background. Zebra print chairs can blend well with other elements in the room. Always remember to pick just one or two complementing furniture items if bold designs are on your wish list. This will ensure you breathe life into the décor without really overdoing a particular concept.

Do feel free to let us know which designs have caught your fancy! 


by Kapil Agarwal

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