How to Repair Stained or Damaged Textured Ceilings

Textured ceiling designs have become the choice of many home owners as these come in distinct styles and design options. But for many it is a cumbersome task to repair a stained or damaged textured ceiling for you’ll not only have to match the patch work, but also the texture of its base. Still we advise you to first diagnose your damaged ceiling and assess whether it can be repaired or not as new ceilings will cost heavily on your pocket. Therefore, before moving forward to repair the damage first identify the source of the damage whether it is caused by the moisture or smoke.

If the damage caused is due to moisture, ensure that the insulation above the ceiling has been left to dry properly. However, if the problem still persists then prior repairing take the expert’s advice as it may be due to mildew and mold spores which can cause serious health concern and hence need to be wiped off immediately. On the other hand, if the damaged caused is due to smoke leaving yellow blotches on its surface, then following are the ways to ensure that this problem doesn’t crop up again:

Spot Repair

If the damage caused is limited to a small area of the ceiling, then you can cover it with a small aerosol ceiling texture spray. There are different brands that offer different kinds of spray for giving unmatched results.

Do away with Old Texture

To do away with old texture is not a hassle free job as it is a multi-step process. Firstly, cover up your floor completely along with the furniture. Following that you need to put spray on the old texture using warm water so that it becomes easier for you to scrape it off. After the removal of the old texture, let the ceiling to get dry so that it can be re-textured.

Priming and Preparation

In case during scraping, large scratches and marks have been left make sure to patch them before you’re ready to apply primer coat on it. Primer can either be sprayed or rolled.

Tools Needed

Taping knife or widy putty is required for scraping and patching. Besides, you’ll also need home painting services tape and plastic to cover up the walls. 

Texturizing Spray

In order to do the spray with consistency, you’ll be required to mix the powdered textured mix so that it can hold the ceiling properly without becoming loose. Once the texturing is done, leave it for dry.

Painting the Texture

As the texture becomes dry, you can easily home painting services them with colors of your choice and bring the desired effect.

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