How to make the most out of a small Space

Be it a prototypical studio apartment or a small home, each of them has enough space to accommodate your ideas; you just need to do it scrupulously. Take a look at each of the rooms in your house, each room has eight corners, and thus the least that can fit into one single room are these eight ideas. No matter how small the room is you can find ways to get it organized and make it cosy and comfortable with innovative and creative ideas. Even if you are not a designer you can do it with your own discretion and can provide insight to tight spots in your room. Moving into a smaller house away from a large spacious home can be a great idea where you can cut upon the expenses on maintenance, but at the same time making most out of a small space can be a challenging task.







The whole trick lies in the task of making a small room appear spacious. You can transform a cramped and claustrophobic room into a pleasing one by really some fascinating ideas. It generally depends on how you are using colour and what is the scope of light to get into your living space which can create wonders.

There are several ways which can help you in creating enough space in a small home. We can discuss some of them:

1)    You can use a fold up table

This fold-up dining table can add elegance o your home. You can fold and keep the dining table on one of the corners of the modular kitchen making it to appear spacious which otherwise looks cramped. Chairs can be hung from the wall, which looks beautifully enticing and also saves you from making it feel overcrowded.

2)    You can Add storage under the stairs

Drawers, shelves and cabinets can create space under the stairs which can have added advantage. So in that way it serves the twin purpose of storing as well as acting as a passage to the terrace. Storage spaces and shelves are some very fruitful way of creating space beneath the stairs. Most of us do not pay heed to utilising this space under the stairs and transforming it into a working area. We usually don’t consider it a useful area. In fact you can mindfully design it while you are getting started with it. It should be built wide enough to allow you to place shelves and cabinets.  

3)    Use king sized pieces in your home

It can sound counterintuitive but in real sense large pieces can make the room look bigger.  You can use a king sized bed, large sofas, large bathtubs which can give you the illusion of being in a large space.

4)    Build it in a way that enough light can enter your space

A room without the proper passage for light would look so stuffy. More light can make your room look spacious as it also provides views of the outdoors. So you should not leave any scope to block light from entering in. Sometimes placing the bed right beside the window can give you the illusion of being in a large space.

5)    You can try extending a wall

A great idea would be extending one of the walls to create more space. You can use up the unused space by being attentive.

6)    You can use reflecting objects in your room to make it look spacious

It’s a prudent idea to place mirrors in small spaces which can really create a difference and can make it look larger. One interesting idea is to put a large sized mirror in central location to create a focal point. To reflect light you can put it behind a light source. You can also put the mirror near a window so that it will reflect the view outside and create an illusion of another window.

7)    Using the concept of lending libraries

Lending libraries at some places, where you can put in stuffs you are not using. The neighbours can rent in things from there. In that way you can save a lot of space in your home. You can imagine the space you can save if you got rid of the things you only use at irregular intervals.

8)    Use plants to bring in Nature

Planting trees inside your home can give fresh look and makes it feel more open and will boost up your mood. It specially works well for apartments in cities.

9)    You can use a counter height table in your kitchen

It specially works well for a galley kitchen. You can easily put up a dinner party as it will create more workspace. 




People these days are more into downsizing their homes. Making this move, to move away from a large home where you are maintenance is really a herculean task. But that’s really not easy. How to decide what things to abandon and what stuff to take with you? How you will be deciding to sell all of the excess stuff with you? And what shall be criteria to decide which would be more suited to your requirements. The following tips can help you out on this:





1)    You first need to change your mindset

Come out of your comfort zone. There can be even better life beyond what you have been living with. There can be a lot of advantages of going smaller; you have to spend less on maintenance, less pressure to serve large group of people can really make you feel relaxed. It can be that you are relocating to a place closer to the market and you will need to rely less on cars and can have easy access to shopping centres, restaurants and cultural events. Think of the things which will make you feel good about downsizing your home.

2)    Prioritize things

Introspect to find out what all are the things you want in your home. It would be better if you can note them down. Just let your heart speaks this time. It may be that you will not be getting what you have been used to, but then you can discover new things which can be even more beneficial. It would be great if you can list as much stuff as possible on your priority list as possible but going below five will make no difference so be careful to at least make the number to five. In that way you will be able to find out what all are the things which are important for you.

3)    You can create an idea book

Creating an idea book can help you a lot, in saving your time and in finding out the best for you. You can start with collecting picture to get inspiration. Whenever you are feeling like there is nothing from which you can find out a solution to your concerns, you can flip through the pictures and the idea book. Moreover these virtual ideas you can match with your home decor.

4)    List out stuffs you would like to retain

List out things which you don’t want to lose in any case, there are things in our home which remain your all time favourite. Imagine you are about to lose everything in a natural calamity, so think of the things which instantly come to your mind you want to be saved in any case. What all are the things which will make you feel broken to have lost?

These answers can help you to a great extent in compiling your list of things you will definitely want to bring to your new home. Start with a definitely have list. You can do it other way around, by listing things you would not like to retain for your new home, but it’s usually harder to let things go. Figuring out the most important things right from the initial stage will make the rest of the process easier.

5)    You can start with getting rid of the things which are on top of your head

There is plethora of things that comes to your mind when you think of the most obvious things you really want to get rid of. There are dozens of things that fall into this category- The broken sofa, the over aged bed, outdated clothes and many such things. For this you need to calm yourself and then decide on the same. Getting rid of such things is really liberating!


6)    You can even consider hiring a company to selling things you don’t need

It would be wise thing if you can make some money out of your old stuff by selling it somewhere. Although it is not widely known but, many estate sale companies also handle sales for the living. If you only want a little help some advisers can help you organize your sale.

7)    Create lot of storage space in your home


One more interesting thing you can do is to create plenty of space inside the small space in your home. You can install a lot of storage even in small house. Under bed storage to closet shelving can make the most of your room. It’s a myth that a small space cannot be made to look stunning.




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