How To Choose The Right Decorative Cushions For Your House

A vibrant cushion, a textured throw pillow or a muted bolster can transform an entire room. Using accent cushions are the perfect way to freshen up you home decor, without putting in too much effort or money. We bring you a few tips to help you choose the perfect decorative cushion for your house.


Size and shape of the cushion

A simple rule to follow is small cushions for small furniture and large sized cushions for a large furniture with ample seating. For a more relaxed or lounge-like ambience you can add in a few large bolsters or large rectangle cushions to the mix.

Number of cushions

If you prefer perfect symmetry as your decor statement, then you can choose even numbered cushions, else you can select an uneven number of cushions artfully scattered around the room.

Colours and patterns



If your sofa or bed is in neutral hues, try to select cushions that are bold and vibrant to make the furniture pop

For a large sofa, you can choose a mix of solid colors that contrast with the color of the sofa coupled with a few patterned pillows that match with the color of the sofa. 

When mixing different patterns on cushions, try to keep one colour in common so that it is not too tiring for the eye


You can also play around with textures when selecting your pillows. Cotton cushions against smooth leather, velvet or silk upholstery, or ornate pillows on a fuzzy couch—add texture and also offer traction, so the cushions don’t slide off seats.


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