How to choose paintings for a living room

Paintings are a great way to enhance the look and feel of a living room and make it look more alive. In other words, it brings life to a dead space. However, if you want to go for choosing a painting for your living room it all comes down to who you are as an individual, what your taste is and what aura and ambience you would like to create in the space for your guests as well as yourself. The paintings you select for your living room also reflect your persona. Some people prefer to bring a serene and calm effect to their living room while others might like it to look more vibrant or energized. Paintings can be a good topic of conversation too with your guests or family in your living area.

Following are some paintings suggested by us that we hope you might like to decorate your living room space with:


As the name suggests, serenity paintings help bring calm and peaceful effect to the beholder’s mind. The tranquillity it spreads is remarkable and the colours used in such paintings soothe and relax the mind. Hence, they can aid in relieving stress also.

Joyful Garden

This painting symbolizes joy. It gives a welcoming feel to the living room. The colours used in this painting are vivid, which energize the environment of a living room. It makes one feel happy and cheerful.

Abstract Piano

For people who love music and are piano lovers, this painting is perfect for their tastes. It comprises  a rich colour scheme and is a delight to eyes. It goes well on a white coloured wall.

Ocean Surf

If you are an ocean lover, then this painting is an ideal match for your taste. It is an amalgamation of fantasy and realism. The painting gives an authentic feel of the ocean and takes the viewer to another world.

After selecting the painting for your living room, it is now turn to select the right frame for your painting which is an important criterion in itself. Last but not the least, the size of the painting should be kept in mind while selecting a painting which should be in accord to the size of the walls of your living room.

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