How Concrete Floors are Beneficial for Everyday Living

From a fringe fashion to trendy indoor flooring for businesses as well as homes, concrete floors have made the leap as one of the stylish options for indoors. They no longer give a cold and prison-like feel.  Combined with several benefits, such as the ability to take on polished sheen and colors, concrete flooring designs will surely delight you with their warm and elegant appeal. Significantly, concrete is a handcrafted element that easily gets infused with the architectural detailing of the room. It is brought to life with various coloring and finishing techniques.

Mentioned below are the advantages of concrete floors:

1. Economical


Concrete Floors options are available at affordable price range, about $2 to $6 per square foot to provide finish to a dull gray slab by giving it a glossy sheen. The tonal contrasts of the concrete, such as aggregates and subtle pores take on a natural and stone-like feel.  On the other hand, elaborate finishes would cost somewhere $5 to $8 per square foot.  

2. Durability


Being extremely durable, the concrete floors do not require much effort to maintain them. It can be easily cleaned and are water-resistant when thoroughly sealed. It is compatible with radiant heating and also saves your electricity bills by absorbing heat.


3. Versatility

For outdoor applications, penetrating sealers that are silicon-based work best if you want to do away with wet looks. With these, you can also create a spectacular transition for your indoors and outdoors.

On the other hand, for a chic rustic appeal, merge concrete with stone veneer walls.

Another ideal choice would be stamping wet concrete that consists of plank-like etching of wood grains.

4. Sustainability

In case there is an existing concrete platform, then concrete floors provide a sustainable option and their uses are no longer limited to garages and basements. Once the concrete gets settled down, sealed, and polished – you can layer them with beautiful furnishings and exotic rugs.

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