Have a Small Living Room-Learn smart and creative ways on how to design the room

This fact cannot be refuted that every small space – be it your living room, bedroom or modular kitchen for that matter – poses design challenges. Significantly speaking, it is the living room that gets the most attention not only of your family members, but also of the visitors. This brings us to the fact that living room is a space where everyone spends their time, while some watch television; there are others who entertain their guests or indulge in a light chit-chat amongst themselves. Then how does one maintain a balance between making the room look as spacious as possible and also squeezing in some more furnishings.




A lot depends on what kind of furniture does one choose and where it is being placed. If the arrangements go haywire then the Interior Design lose its impact and cease to appear conspicuous. Many small living room design ideas are all about creating an illusion of space so that the room can appear larger and arresting to eyes. Such smart design tricks can in fact transform a small, cramped place into an inviting and aesthetically pleasing haven. It is suggested to decorate your living room in a manner which makes optimum use of both light and space. In addition, please pay due attention to the use of color, weight and scale as it can make a world of difference to the room interiors.            

One should always try new things because at times traditional ideas fail or aren’t the best possible solution for a compact space. To cite an instance, if one were to renovate the window coverings then what would have been the ideal solution? Certainly not the window blinds as they have been replaced by long, flowing drapes, which draw attention to vertical space; thereby expanding the area of your room. Most important of all, living room irrespective of its size should be able to serve as a space for entertainment and relaxation.        

Here discover some most fun ways to make the space look bigger and improved:

Decorate with wallpapers and glasses

A compact space, the living room in particular, if falls short on windows can give a claustrophobic feel to some people. Then the best way to deal with this is to create a focal point, increase the number of lights and add substance to the space. How? You can resort to wallpapers and mirrors! If it’s possible to place a mirror across the room facing the window, then even better as the mirror will then reflect the outside view; thus giving an illusion of an additional window.

Even designers too while preparing the action plan, strategically decide to place mirrors in small rooms so as to give an illusion of a larger space. Hanging a big mirror at the central place to make it a focal point is a most common approach that everyone adopts, especially for a small living room. Moreover, for the reflection of light and adding more to the ambiance, it is wise to place the mirror behind a light source, such as a pendant lamp or a candle.           

About the layout

Place the love seat coupled with complementary side tables as well as lamp shades on the papered wall. If you own a big-sized woven ottoman then might as well use it as an addition to your seating arrangement or may be as a coffee table. In case there’s still some more space left, either leave it empty so that everyone can move around freely or place some extra chairs (small-sized) across the love seat. 

If not love seat, then custom-made sectional sofas would be yet another option. You can pair them with leather folding tables to allow your family members sit together and have a conversation over tea or coffee. Fill the empty space with some slipper chairs to make the room look fully furnished.    

Don’t overlook the high ceiling



All of us know that a room has two dimensions, i.e. vertical and horizontal. If your living room has an elevated ceiling, i.e. higher than the regular ones, then this extra space should also be given due importance while recreating the space. Decorate the room in a manner that it draws the attention of everyone upwards. Don’t know how? Well, it is quite possible through floor-to-ceiling drapes which enhance the overall appeal of the room enormously.

Another method would be to work on the vertical space by decking it up using small to mid-sized artwork. This technique really helps in making the room appear larger than its actual size as it doesn’t restrict the eye within the given eye-level horizontal space, but allows to roam it freely across everywhere in the room      

Create hidden storage

Look for furniture having a built-in storage so as to de-clutter the room. What works well in this regard is a trunk, your coffee table or storage ottomans. Along the edge of your living room, place a small credenza or a small chest drawer as an alternative to console tables so as to enhance storage options.  

Paint the walls with neutral colors

It is always advised to paint small rooms using neutral shades as they do not absorb, but reflect lights; thus making the small space appear bigger. In fact, neutral colors are also recommended for floors, ceiling as well as furniture upholstery. Shades such as beige and off-white help in creating the illusion of expanded space by giving an impression of the shifted walls. If you think that neutral palette will appear dull and dry, then you are wrong as they lend an instant sophistication and create a soothing ambiance.

Another alternative would be to paint the main wall of the room with any bright shade of your choice and the remaining walls with a complementary soft hue. This helps in creating momentum in the room and a pulsating ambiance.        

Choose lightweight furniture

Weight should always be taken into account while making a purchase of furniture. This alludes to the perceived heaviness of an article based on its design, size and color. Pick out items that are lightweight to carry because heavier ones are likely to contract the space. Go for soft colors instead of dark ones and select items which have legs and not the ones that appear boxy. End tables or glass coffee occupy less space in comparison to the wooden ones as it is possible to see through them. Any piece of furnishing that doesn’t hinder view will make an area appear more open.    

Go for small-sized furniture

A small-living room interior design wouldn’t be complete without selecting the right size of furniture because if there’s a constricted space the job gets really tough. To remain on the safer side, select furniture that doesn’t appear to dominate or overpower the room. Try and consider a sofa having thin arms in addition to a firmly upholstered back over the ones with big arms and a multi-cushion back.

Moreover, placing a couch is totally optional in case of constricted space, so the best possible option would be to either choose a loveseat or place a coffee table surrounded by four chairs. When you pick chairs, go for armless ones for a simple reason that they will not occupy much space in comparison to ones having arms. So reconsider your decision if you think otherwise or already have decided upon your ideal size.   

How about an invisible piece of furniture? 

Glass, Lucite and acrylic are great materials that work best for a small living room as they occupy almost zero visual space. Consider a nesting side table or a coffee table with such striking elements as a waterfall edge in any one of these see-through materials.  

Get over your armchair-and-sofa routine

Now chuck out your armchair and sofa routine instead consider a wooden framed daybed (which can be doubled if there are more people to accommodate) to make your petite living room appear different and stylish. Moreover, pair them with a small upholstered settee and a window seat to have in your living room an array of seating arrangement in place of a traditional sofa or an armchair adjusted in one corner. Alternatively, to transform the place into a proper seating area buy a built-in window seat and pair it with throw pillows as well as a small side table, including an ottoman so that there is no scarcity of sitting places.      

Choose a smart lightning system

Prefer wall lights over floor lamps as it will save your living room space. However, having said that it is equally important to install lights strategically so that the room can be used for different purposes, i.e. the room should have a combination of accent, ambient as well as task lightning. Recessed fixtures for general lightning, adjustable floor lamps to have light for the purpose of reading and wall-mounted lights for illuminating artwork offer a best combination for your living room.   

Recreate the space using plants





Just like mirrors and wallpapers, plants are one of the best ways to add substance to your place and make it appear visually dynamic. Lush greenery covers the corners and creates an illusion of more space making people to believe that there is something more to the space than is actually visible to the eyes. Plants mostly lend grace when placed in the corners as well as behind or beside sofas and chairs.     








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