Great ideas for a spa inspired bathroom

Have you ever dreamt of a spa-inspired bathroom with all the facilities at par with that of your favorite spa? If yes, then you don’t have to go anywhere in order to give your bathroom a perfect Zen spa look as we provide you with some creative ideas for transforming your bathroom into a dreamy spa-like retreat. It will indeed be a great spa delight for everyone where they can usher into a serene world for an ultimate unwinding experience. Since there are several fascinating features which you can add to your bathroom, such as massaging whirlpool tubs, multi-purpose shower head, body jets, tile floor apart from other coordinated accessories for a chic spa look, it also becomes incumbent to take cognizance of your budget which will help you in determining where and how to make the investment. 

For more, read on and add some useful tips to your bunch of ideas – 

Colors: Appropriate wall paint colors can really set your mood for the day and the selection becomes all the more meticulous if you want to create a spectacular Zen spa feel for your bathroom. Your ultimate aim is to achieve complete comfort for warm restful colors are a perfect bet for your bathroom. Such neutral tones as sage green, earthy yellow or even brown will appeal to the onlookers. On the other hand, it is also advised to avoid white color which looks dull and at that very clinical.

Select right shower: Any spa is incomplete without a perfect shower fitting and for any modern bathroom to achieve a trendy spa look, it need to have proper spa settings along with various shower options, which include unfastened shower head, shampoo, conditioner dispensers and lotion, additional water spouts for channeling water from shower floor, and waterfall shower action.
Lighting and soft decor: Bright lighting and heavy decor are complete antitheses for acquiring the in-home spa retreat feel in your bathroom, so pay major attention to these twin elements. What works best is natural lighting and if you have skylights and windows, then the picture is almost perfect. But if you don’t have one, then don’t worry as halogen light bulbs provide a great alternative. 

Also, the decor of your bathroom should be in sync with your bathroom theme. So it is advised to only pick muted tones and soft coverings and avoid brass fixtures.

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