Furniture Design Ideas for Living Room

A living room is more than just a place to unwind. This is an important part of your house, used to welcome friends and family, followed with great conversations over coffee. The furniture you choose defines the kind of person you are and sets the mood for leisure hours. And that is why; choosing appropriate furniture designs for a living room holds utmost importance for every person. But, before you decide to shop for your home and look up furniture manufacturers in Delhi, you need to understand the basics mentioned below.

  • Understand the space of the living room
  • Decide your budget
  • Know your preferred colour schemes
  • Decide a theme

Let’s have a look at some inspiring furniture design ideas that should liven up your interiors!

Contemporary with a Burst of Colour

Now who doesn’t love the look and feel of contemporary elegance? For this theme, you need to select furniture that oozes charm and sophistication and blends harmoniously with your theme idea. White is the obvious choice for contemporary design. Use sleek furniture with see-through panels for center tables as it creates a spacious feel. Avoid bulky designs. If white is too ‘Plain-Jane’ for you, dress it up with a dash of colour in the pillow covers. Choose an attractive art piece as the focal point. This is ideal for apartment style homes.

                                     contemporary  burst color of living room

Old World Charm 

Home decoration that represents a golden era gone by is also a preferred theme amongst the distinguished lots. Interior design with a renaissance-styled architecture or a baroque design can be replicated with great attention to detail. Image 2.1 below represents traditional home decor with mid-tones and deep shades of brown. Intricate motifs on the luxurious sofas and the ornamental carvings on the furniture are central to the style of such home décor. Pick furniture designs with graceful lines.


                                       old world charm color of living room

                                                                              (  Image 2.1)


                                       living room with old charm color

                                                                    ( Image 2.2)

Furniture in Rococo style architecture as seen in Image 2.2 brings about an elite appearance to a living room. Of course, translating an old world charm to your homes may seem like a passion of the ‘Richie-Rich’, but there’s no harm in checking with local furniture manufacturers to recreate décor items that represents the beauty of an era gone by!   

Being the Center of Attention

One of the most overlooked element but one that demands equal importance, a center table is that modest piece of furniture that bears the brunt of your tea times and even meal times. So, why should it always be boring and predictable? Choose from quirky designs that range from a Rubik’s cube (Image 3.1) to unusual forms (such as Image 3.2) that blend style with functionality. Coordinate your furniture pieces appropriately to ensure they balance each other without creating a chaotic feel. 

                                       being center concept of living room

                                                                ( Image 3.1)

                                       living room furniture concept

                                                             ( Image 3.2)

In India, there are many home furniture manufacturers who can work out an aesthetic design for your individual taste. Approaching your local furniture manufacturers will help you to select beautiful furniture designs that suit your sense of style. Alternatively, a quick search online will also offer many options for home decor.

Your living room is an extension of your personality, so be creative and let the ideas roll! 


 by Kapil Agarwal

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