Five Home Decor Do Nots for your House

Home decor is an art and just like any other art form, there is no right or wrong when it comes to decorating your home. However, there are a few dont’s that one must keep in mind when doing up your home.


Ill-fitting furniture

When you purchase furniture, it is important that you bring your room's measurements to the store before making a big purchase. Choosing furniture that's either too big or too small for a space can bring down the decor value of the home as scale is one of the most important elements of design.


Relying too much on overhead lighting

Many times, home owners underestimate the ambience created by layering lots of levels of light and rely only on overhead lighting which makes one feel like they are standing in a football field.


Themed rooms


Themed rooms


Unless you are decorating a child’s room, decorating by theme - either in varying shades of a single color or motifs, can make a room look dated. If you're tempted to follow a theme while decorating your home, try to keep it subtle by adding elements and accents.


Pushing all your furniture against the wall


furniture against the wall


Pushing all your furniture against the wall can make your room feel like a waiting room. Not only does it create an unnatural space, but it can also lead to marks on the wall. Angling furniture is key to making an inviting and user-friendly entertaining space.


Too short or too long curtains

Ideally, your curtains should just hit the floor. Anything that is too short or drags along the floor just looks tacky


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