Feng Shui is the study and analysis of the interaction between people, buildings and the environment, and how these negotiations of space can enhance one’s quality of life, if directed rightly. By getting the Feng Shui right, we can create positive home atmospheres that allow one to flourish and rejuvenate oneself in their home and work spaces.


The primary aspect of conscious ‘Feng Shui’ design is the design of the entryway. Being considered as the window where all opportunities come in, it is important that it be strongly distinguished from the immediate surroundings of the street, as an elegant transition between the street and inside. Arrival through a fragrant garden positively impacts the visitors and residents, as opposed to those entrances which are difficult to access, rendering people out-of-sorts when they arrive, which could negatively impact the residents. 


Dispose of Clutter

It is important to be personally connected to everything that is owned. Our homes are a metaphor for how in or out of balance our lives are. So it’s time to downsize, buy less and be mindful of the material foot print you leave behind.


Bring in Nature

One can never be too attuned with nature. The positivity that plants as living, breathing beings bring to the home environment is unparalleled.


Yin and Yang

It is important to understand the essence of each space. Bedrooms are passive spaces and offices are active ones. Creating active bedrooms is not going to allow you a good night’s rest and too relaxing an office won’t let you work efficiently. For passive spaces, go with rounded furniture, furnishings and prints. Muted colors and lighting and softer fabrics also add to this theme.

Active spaces on the other hand require bright lighting, bolder colors and angular furniture.


by Kapil Agarwal

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