Expert tips on installing and maintaining a swimming pool in your home

Having a swimming pool at your own home adds a lot of hilarity to your everyday life right at your backyard. Swimming regularly is essentially beneficial for your health and we seldom find time to go to a place away from your home to swim. Having it at your home not only adds on to the value of your home but it also becomes a reason to get along often with your family. It acts as a source of motivation for a regular family gathering. Apart from that, it is specifically suitable for small celebrations like kids birthday parties. Family and friends can organize get together at the same time exercise and celebrate. A pool enhances the quality of your life and you find the atmosphere at your home gleeful.






Does a Swimming pool add value to your home?

a)  If you are living in a high-end neighborhood, having a pool at your place first adds to the property value of your home.

b)  If you are specifically putting up in a warm place it becomes a place to relax after returning from work.

C)The pool if in good condition can further add 8-10 % extra value to your home.

A better condition of the pool includes:

               a) Contemporary styling in accordance with the neighborhood.

               b) Is your pool well-maintained?

               c) If you have built it 10 years back it becomes old-fashioned in terms of style and its value gradually falls.

Things to be kept in mind while building a pool in your home?

If you are doing it for the first time, there are aspects you need to keep in mind before jumping into deep end and starting with the project.

1)      Hire an expert

Unlike other projects that you take up while remodeling or building your home, a pool involves a lot of work.  You need to manage multiple services providers and sub contractors. While building a pool you need surveyors, designers, excavators, electricians, plumbers and landsacpers and many more.  A contract builder can make the task easier, as he has the required knowledge about the right person at right time. He can easily contact the services providers as per the convenience.

The task of finding out the right person to get your work done is the first and the most important aspect of getting started. You can find the list of qualified and certified pool builders by research, online or through magazines. Before hiring one, make sure that the one you are hiring is licensed and registered practitioners. Ask for their insurance certificates or get clear on whether the insurance is your part of responsibility or the pool-builder.

2)      Know clearly the local government rules and regulations

To ensure that you can survive any risk arising out of any accident or natural calamity, it is very important ant to find out about the rules and regulations of the local Government and your state. There are certain policies devised by a bunch of people to keep you safe and it is your foremost duty to be well acquainted with it before you get started with the project. You can consult an expert in the field or there are manuals available which you can refer to. These regulations are chiefly important when you are building a pool because all the member of the family will be using the pool to rejuvenate themselves from the elderly to the kids, and it requires certain safety measures.

In the process you can find out the nitty-gritty of the policy from the local council, they will help you in understanding the requirement of the authorities concerned. You will be required to obtain the town planning permit or a building permit.

Local council requirement may restrict you on deciding the depth and the distance of the pool from the boundary. Temporary pool fencing regulations are may also be enforced by the local authorities.



3)      Consider the environmental risks and their effects before getting started 




Environmental sustainability is something which has to do with the quality of life. A breach in environmental rules can breed a number of adverse effects.  And so there are a plethora of factors in this respect to be taken care off including climate, weather and the environment surrounding your pool and the property.

The kind of weather your place has can affect the maintenance cost and the type of pool and the equipments which will be suitable for you. The maintenance of the pool in different season will require different approach with respect to the cost. You must decide the time duration for which the pool will be in working condition and for how long you are going to close the pool probably during the winters. A lot of trees and wind surrounding the pool may add to the maintenance cost because then the probably the probability of the pool water being contaminated is multiplied.

You can wisely save on the maintenance cost by being energy efficient and using pool covers, timers for lightings, filters and heaters. Using pool covers particularly in hot weather will save a lot of energy on cleaning and re-cleaning the pool and retain the pool water by stopping it from evaporating.

Use more natural method for cleaning the pool rather than using chemicals and filters. Heating the pool using more eco-friendly methods like solar source rather than using electricity and gas heating will reduce the health risks.


4)      Find out about the current market cost

It’s really important to research on the ongoing cost in the market before you start obtaining quotes for your new pool. It is not only the cost of building the pool but there are other aspects to it like fencing, temporary fencing while building the pool, landscaping, additional plumbing and electrical, permits and surveyors.

You can adjust the design and style of your pool according to your budget upon consulting an expert. You can get an idea on the total cost on the whole process. Apart from that the additional cost it can include should be examined beforehand. Then there is the maintenance cost involved, like cleaning and filtration, energy to heat the pool and regular filling of water.

Compiling a list of all these costs after consulting your expert before starting will reduce the overwork that could be involved and complicate the process.

5)      Plan your budget

The first thing to be considered when you have a feasible plan of installing a pool in your home is arranging your finances and preparing a budget for the purpose. The cost in the whole process is driven by the style, size, number of equipments and the accessibility of the installation site. The cost can go up or down accordingly.

Other things to be considered while you are planning your finances for building the pool are the fact that the taxes may go up as and when the house value increases and your insurance premium may increase to cover the risk.

6)      Must be aware about the safety norms

A pool at your resident may be considered as a potential safety hazard. It is important to consider the safety of your family members from adults to kids to the pets once you have made up your mind to start the project. At the end you don’t want anyone to suffer for the lack of the safety measures. There are various safety equipments like alarms, safety covers, laser pool guards and personal safety equipments you can incorporate for safety of your people.

Fencing you pool it of utmost importance to restrain those who are at risk from entering the pool. Most of the states have strict pool fencing rules even whilst the pool is being constructed. Even if there are no such rules in your state you must do it on your end for safety. Make sure that each of you in your home has taken formal swimming training and have knowledge on pool safety.

7)      Check with the options available


There are limitless options with respect to size, depth and shape, available to choose from as per your sense of style and requirement you can select one for designing your pool. It could be round or rectangular, kidney or L-shaped. Keep in mind that it is not always required that a bigger size will be more functional.




You can create breathtaking blend between the living space which include tables, chairs, deck and the pool. Selecting a shape according to your convenience will augment the magnificence of the space around your house.

A swimming pool overall has the power to eat up the stress and is also a focal point of family get together. Whether it’s about refreshing yourself and feeling the equanimity of the morning or about relaxing yourself after work with your kids and family, a pool will serve all of these purposes. At the same time installing a pool can be risky if you have not taken care of the safety measures and the rules and regulations of the local government. You need to introspect and take care of adults as well the kids in your family and the risk involved in building the pool.





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