Easy Tips For A Stylish Bachelor Pad

For years, the word ‘Bachelor Pad’ was synonymous with messy, unstructured rooms cluttered with sports items, remote controls, college furniture and tacky art. However, this is fast changing with the new age metro sexual man more keen on having a living space that is as elegant and stylish as he is.

From warm inviting color schemes, sturdy furniture styles and chic art selection, there are plenty of ways to design aesthetic and warm bachelor pads.

1) Color Schemes

Changing the color of the walls dramatically improves the way the room looks, without a significant outset of time or money. Experts suggest that you choose bold colors that reflect a sophisticated, yet masculine look.


Source: elitedaily

2) Furniture

When selecting furniture, keep in mind that less is more. So rather than opt for chunky pieces of furniture, keep a few essential pieces to avoid clutter. Home decor experts suggest keeping a bookshelf that will give visitors the impression that you’re intelligent and well-read. You can also use the bookshelf to display trophies, certificates, pictures or other important memorabilia.

3) Lighting


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When it comes to lighting, interior designers suggest investing in lampshades and more task-specific lights such as strobe lights and dimmers. The aim of this is to give an elegant look to the house. It is important to have an option to dim the lights during house parties and to have brighter lights when studying.

4) Keep it Clean

This is probably the most important of all tips. However stylish may be a living space, if it is cluttered, dirty and foul smelling it immediately loses all its charm.  



by Kapil Agarwal

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