Dressing up your Living Room with Stunning Curtain Designs

If anytime you’ve ever felt that your living room needs a fresh look, consider shopping for new curtains! With the number of gorgeous designs and styles available, curtains can transform the look of your room within minutes. Finding the best curtain design and fabric may seem like a cumbersome task initially, but you must opt for designs that blend well with your furniture and décor. Colour, fabric, length and lining - all are important to dress up your living room windows. Here are some interesting curtain designs.






Bright shades instantly uplift the look of any living room. So, if you are not really up to changing the entire decor, investing in these bright hues will breathe a new life into your living room. Throw in some matching pillow covers and the room will instantly grab attention when your guests saunter in. Bright drapes are ideal for the winters when they are less likely to fade in the hot sunlight.




No one can deny the power of a floral print. But, if you’re quite wary about sunny colour schemes in florals, a classic black-and-white combination will infuse a lot of elegance! Faux silk in florals for the windows are ideal as they are more durable. Match with a floral sofa set or cushion covers to keep it simple and stylish.




Sheer curtains are ideal if you want a continuous flow of light into the living room all throughout the day. These add an element of softness and give you a great view of what’s happening outside. If privacy is a major concern, sheer curtains can be combined with a heavier curtain to add more drama to the room. Else, the beauty of sheer can also be enhanced with block-out lining available in matching colours.

Chic and Cozy



Heavier curtains are ideal to block the sunlight and keep the house a few degrees cooler! Graceful curtains in deep browns matched with lighter beige add a touch of sophistication. The use of heavy lining and interlining gives it a proper body and fullness. Such a style is available in heavy, tightly woven fabrics.

You may also want to consider the way you hang your curtains. Use eyelets, pinch pleats, double-box pleats - the choice is yours!



by Kapil Agarwal 

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