Different Types of Wood Popular in India

Wooden furniture is always on the list whilst decorating homes. But, how many people really attempt to understand the different types of wood used to make furniture? Knowing the wood types is vital before you make the final purchase! In India, local wood varieties and a few imported ones often top the list of buyers. Let’s delve deeper to understand some of the wood types that are popular amongst homes in India.





Types of Wood

The nature of wood dictates the final look of the furniture. Hardwood (of flowering trees) and softwood (of evergreen trees) are two main categories. Hardwood is the preferred choice for furniture with teakwood – the King of Woods, stealing the show!


Ghana Teakwood: Fetching a premium price and also known for its durability, Ghana teakwood furniture can be used for indoor/outdoor purposes. The tones range in shades of medium-dark brown or in a pale yellow colour. It is also useful to make decorative items and accessories for the home due to its strength, durable finish and the beautiful grain. This wood is resistant to decay, termites and mould formations.

Ivory Coast Teakwood: Popular for its strength and hardness, the Ivory Coast includes a tight grain and resists termites and extreme weather. It can be used for furniture, window frames and doors and gives a smooth finish.

Burma Teakwood: Also known as Myanmar teak, it is used to make furniture and wooden floorings. This wood is durable, retains shape, and can be used to create beautiful carving designs. Burma Teakwood is also resistant to water, making the cleaning process much easier which is why it is the preferred choice for floorings! It is valued for hardness and strength and comes with a straight grain pattern.

Nilambur Teakwood: Considered to be a prestigious buy, this teakwood from Kerela is useful to create carved furniture. In the coming years, this wood may soon be protected by law owing to its exclusivity. It can be used in the construction of houses as it has a beautiful grain. It is also used to make furniture and cabinets.

Sal Wood: This is a hardwood that turns a darker shade of brown after cutting. It is used to construct door frames, beams, window frames, etc. It’s considered to be heavier than teakwood and quite resistant to termites. This is a rough type of wood so its pros lies in the durabilitybut is avoidable for furniture making.

Indian Rosewood: Also known as ‘Sheesham wood’, this rosewood has durable features and can take a brilliant polish. It’suseful to make kitchen cabinets, furniture, musical instruments, flooring (for contemporary styles), etc. You may find imported rosewood varieties with your local furniture manufacturers.

Marandi: Requiring little maintenance, this hardwood gives a beautiful appearance when used for door/window frames, shutters, etc. This is durable, easy to work with and very much resistant to termites. It requires little maintenance if used for furniture.

These were some of the many beautiful types of wood available in nature. Inquire with your local furniture manufacturers for details before purchase.


by Kapil Agarwal

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