Designs for the Centre Table in Your Living Room

Centre tables offer many unique roles in your living room. They range from being pieces of art, to neat and functional storage, to conversation starters, to the simple support for your cup of coffee. Having a rather eye catching spot in your living room, it is important to choose this unique piece of furniture with a lot of thought and taste!

Create Character

Being a “centre” table, it has a natural focal point. You can try to tone this down, by choosing a table that is minimalistic and less distracting, or you can embrace its position by going grand, or choose something in between. Your choice sets character to the table as well as the room.


Smart Storage

“It’s not just what’s on the surface, but under as well”-Apparently this statement holds well for furniture too. It’s good to have space in your centre table to tuck away your monthly magazines and daily newspapers. There’s nothing like a few pages to skim through for a waiting visitor, or while enjoying your evening cup of tea. If you like to make things convenient for cleaning, leave the lower most space empty.


Stuck for space? Make it multifunctional

Designs for multi functional centre tables are in full swing in today’s space constrained world. You can choose from pop out tables for dining or working, or tables that divide into seats or smaller tables, and many more.

             center-table- for-drawing-room-Design

Recycled can be classy

If you’re eco-conscious but worried that a recycled table might not be fit for the centre of your living room, fear not; there are plenty of tasteful and innovative designs to choose from. The choices range from old wine crates, to reclaimed wood, and even reclaimed doors and windows!



by Kapil Agarwal

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