Designs and Trends for Spring 14

This spring is a season of varieties. The choices in store not only allow you to choose from “what’s in”, but also allow you to bring out your creative skills to thread them all together. This Spring Season’s Designs will take any designer a step forward in innovative imagination.

A splash of random

Sure, geometric, floral and all kinds of patterns are in, but here’s the best part- have fun with it! Bold strokes and lively colours create a modern, youthful and springtime feel. Break the monotony, splash some colour, and do much more to create a tastefully elegant composition.




Through a play of modern furniture, latticework or prints, abstract geometry is hidden in the details this spring.


Textures in Details

Wood and metal are both in! You can enjoy the perks of both in different combinations - cool Paloma Grey or a warm Sandy Wood with silver, aluminium, brass or copper. Now is the time to highlight that old clock or mirror you’ve been hiding.


Classically modern

Different classical styles are back in, but with a modern touch-Mediterranean, Moroccan and many more. Bringing in a classical feel from your local area adds a unique, genuine character. 





by Kapil Agarwal 

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